It's excruciating, it's painful, it leaves your skin red, and your jaws sore from clenching. Yes, we're talking about WAXING.

From magazines to runway, we're seeing soft, silky, smoothe skin everywhere. Tight toned bodies flaunt flawlessly smoothe skin that seems so effortless to maintain. But what really goes into that perfectly beautiful complexion?

If you're a regular waxing client, you understand the time and pain of sitting through rip after rip, as your technician peels away what seems like everything from your body. You shiver because your body temperature needs to stay cool (otherwise the wax just gets stringy), and you grit your teeth as section after section, hairs are removed from arms, legs, underarms, and other unspeakable places. So why is waxing so painful?

The answer lies in the fact that it is really most painful the first time. The first time you are ever waxed, hair is dense, full, and thickest in its growth cycle. Bottom line - it's all there. After being waxed for the first time, and removing all the hair in that particular body part, the hair grows back in different stages. Not all hair grows in or falls out at the same time. It happens in different stages. So when you have your hair waxed for the first time, the growth cycle is different for every single strand of hair that was removed. That's why it may not hurt as badly during your subsequent or follow up visits.

So, with that said - ifyou're a first time waxing client, just grin, bear it, and know that somehow, some way, the following visits (every 4-6 weeks) may not be as bad as the very first time. But doesn't it always seem to be that way?

We hope this helps.

Billy Lowe


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