Does my hair look healthy?

Won't that damage my hair?

Are my ends dead?

I always chuckle to myself when I hear these questions. I usually answer them pretty bluntly, and directly. Let's get to it.

Your hair is dead. Of course it's not healthy. It can have the appearance of "health" and vitality, but basically your hair is dead. It has no feelings, it doesn't really serve a purpose other than to protect our scalp, eyes, body from foreign objects invading it including protecting us from the sun or other environmental elements. Over the years, we have used and created an accessory out of hair by styling, coloring and creating looks that have become acceptable as fashion or art adorning our bodies.

With regard to damaging your hair. EVERYTHING we do "damages" our hair. When we brush it, towel dry it, blow-dry it, hang our heads out of the car windows, or sleep on it - we are constantly in a state of roughing up the cuticle, fraying the ends, getting it tangled - or as most people say - damaging it. But again, your hair is dead. I like to refer to this as "roughing the cuticle layer" rather than damaging your hair.

Compare the two photos above and see for yourself the difference in damage that can occur to hair. There ARE ways we can help prevent excessive roughing of the hair including:

  1. Reduce heat applications to hair (temperatures & frequency of use
  2. Use deep conditioning or glossing treatments to help smooth the cuticle layer to give the illusion of "healthy" hair
  3. Rinsing with cooler water temperatures does indeed help close the cuticle layer to give the appearance of healthy/shiny hair

These are just a few quick tips for helping hair appear healthier and shiny.

Remember, curlier hair types have a more wirey/inconsistent cuticle layer (which helps support the curl nature) so they may not have the shine that straight hair does. Straight hair has a smooth/polished cuticle, giving the appearance of "healthy" and shiny looking hair. It may or may not be healthier, but the shine factor makes it seem that way.

We hope these thoughts help when wondering whether or not something will "damage" your hair.


Billy Lowe


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