Face Shapes, Etc

We absolutely LOVE this sweetheart. Ladies and gentlemen - Ms. LeAnn Rimes.

For years we've listened to that amazing voice and held on to our seats as she took to the stage like it was hers for the taking. She's young, she's talented, and she's really put out some great material.

Over the years we've seen LeAnn move from soft careless styles in her earlier years to crimped fashions and now into long flowing locks. The current trend in hair fashion right now is indeed a center part (again we are seeing many reflections of the 80's), and she's not the only person flaunting that look. Madonna, J-Lo, you name it - they're all wearing a center part. But is this look for everyone? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!

While LeAnn can't go wrong in just about anything, I much prefer her softer shapes that distract the eye rather than drawing attention to prominent features. Her eye shape is very flat across the bottom, so a center part looks like the top of a triangle, with her eyes being the base. Compare the above photo to the one here.

In this photo, notice the side sweeping motion of the fringe area, softening the facial features, and distracting the eye downward across her face, rather than the straight line barreling back into her crown area from the photo above.

While "face shapes" aren't the only focus in selecting a cut or style (or even color) for my clients, it does play a significant role in determing a look that's right for them. Study the 2 photos again, notice how they each affect her look. Even her body says completely different things.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading,,,, and think about your own looks, outcomes, styles, or how you'd like to look at the end of your next salon visit.

Billy Lowe


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