Thursday, May 29, 2008

Beauty in the workplace




All very good points. However, you see you, and your teammates see you, and have to interact with you. Over the years, having spoken to thousands of people at trade shows, special events, appearing on television shows, and simply just working with my own private clientele, I've come to realize and value the importance of looking my best in order to feel my best. That's why I developed BEAUTY IN THE WORKPLACE seminars for corporations across the country who want to give their team a little pep.

I believe looking your best leads to the following results.

  1. If you look great you feel great
  2. When you feel great, you have a higher sense of self confidence
  3. When your confidence is up, you boost team morale
  4. When team morale is up - everyone wins.

I developed this 2 hour seminar to bring to companies and organizations that want to focus on building team spirit, boosting team confidence, and even boost individual self confidence. We uncover everything from the why's behind looking your best, the importance of allowing time for yourself, and even share some HOT Hollywood insider tips on grooming (including tips for today's modern male).

If you'd like to book Billy Lowe for BEAUTY IN THE WORKPLACE, please email us at or call 310-430-4045 for more information.

If you look great you feel great. When you feel great - everyone wins; including YOU!


Billy Lowe

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Does my hair look healthy?

Won't that damage my hair?

Are my ends dead?

I always chuckle to myself when I hear these questions. I usually answer them pretty bluntly, and directly. Let's get to it.

Your hair is dead. Of course it's not healthy. It can have the appearance of "health" and vitality, but basically your hair is dead. It has no feelings, it doesn't really serve a purpose other than to protect our scalp, eyes, body from foreign objects invading it including protecting us from the sun or other environmental elements. Over the years, we have used and created an accessory out of hair by styling, coloring and creating looks that have become acceptable as fashion or art adorning our bodies.

With regard to damaging your hair. EVERYTHING we do "damages" our hair. When we brush it, towel dry it, blow-dry it, hang our heads out of the car windows, or sleep on it - we are constantly in a state of roughing up the cuticle, fraying the ends, getting it tangled - or as most people say - damaging it. But again, your hair is dead. I like to refer to this as "roughing the cuticle layer" rather than damaging your hair.

Compare the two photos above and see for yourself the difference in damage that can occur to hair. There ARE ways we can help prevent excessive roughing of the hair including:

  1. Reduce heat applications to hair (temperatures & frequency of use
  2. Use deep conditioning or glossing treatments to help smooth the cuticle layer to give the illusion of "healthy" hair
  3. Rinsing with cooler water temperatures does indeed help close the cuticle layer to give the appearance of healthy/shiny hair

These are just a few quick tips for helping hair appear healthier and shiny.

Remember, curlier hair types have a more wirey/inconsistent cuticle layer (which helps support the curl nature) so they may not have the shine that straight hair does. Straight hair has a smooth/polished cuticle, giving the appearance of "healthy" and shiny looking hair. It may or may not be healthier, but the shine factor makes it seem that way.

We hope these thoughts help when wondering whether or not something will "damage" your hair.


Billy Lowe

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Yes, it's a big question. What can we do to protect the hair from the damaging effects of the sun? Why don't manufacturers put sunscreens in shampoos and conditioners? What about styling products?
Let me answer those with some "it just makes sense" thoughts.
1 - Why put sunscreen in your shampoo & conditioner? All you do is wash them down the drain.
2 - Sunscreen in your products? Even with skincare that contains sunscreen, the instructions usually recommend to reapply every 2-4 hours. Do you want to stop what you're doing and re-apply sunblock to your hair every 2-4 hours and have to deal with styling again?
While there's not really a "sunscreen" for the hair, there are countless products and serums that have "sun protecting" or "UV protecting" agents in them. Sunscreens and Sunblocks are regulated by the FDA. They are formulated and approved to protect the skin, which is a living organ. Your hair is not alive. It is basically dead protein. So when you're shopping, look for products that have natural "UV Filters" or "UV Defenders" in them such as sunflower extract.
There ARE, however, sunscreens for the scalp such as NIOXIN'S SYSTEM 2 SCALP TREATMENT WITH SPF 15. Again, this is a light spray that you apply to the scalp area (through the hair) to help protect the scalp against sun/UV damage.
For products to help prevent UV damage to hair, look for L'ANZA SWIM & SUN DAILY UV PROTECTOR of PUREOLOGY'S COLOUR MAX with UV defenders.
Apply these while hair is slightly damp, brush through with a large paddle brush for even distribution (I always recommend Denman's large flat paddle brush).
Finally, never let chlorine or salt-water dry in your hair; especially if you have color treated hair.
My BEST and BIGGEST tip, however for sunscreen for hair is a simple wide-brimmed hat. You protect so much more than just your hair; you protect your skin as well (and they look quite fashionable). Visit my friends at for a wide selection of hats & accessories that will make your summertime fun, while protecting your investments at the same time.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I'm often asked by the male clientele to share grooming tips and techniques for a more clean & polished look.

Over time, hair can grow in interesting places. In a world so focused on beauty, grooming, wellness, and taking care of ourselves, hair can be extremely distracting.

Here are a few quick tips for the men:
  1. THE UNIBROW. For a quick clean up, a thumb's width between the 2 brows is about the right amount of hair to remove for a clean/crisp/well groomed look.
  2. THE EARS. Have your hairstylist clean up around the ear area during your hair appointment.
  3. NECK HAIR. Having your neckline waxed during your hair appointment will look cleaner, last longer, and you'll feel much better about your appearance with a well groomed neckline.
  4. NOSE HAIR: There are many great gadgets out there for male-grooming, and trimming hair in all the impossible places. These are easy to use, many are rechargeable, and have many options that fit into any budget.
All in all, make your best statement by looking your best, looking well groomed, and well manicured. Not in just the way you dress, but in the minor details as well.

Good luck.

Billy Lowe

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


It's excruciating, it's painful, it leaves your skin red, and your jaws sore from clenching. Yes, we're talking about WAXING.

From magazines to runway, we're seeing soft, silky, smoothe skin everywhere. Tight toned bodies flaunt flawlessly smoothe skin that seems so effortless to maintain. But what really goes into that perfectly beautiful complexion?

If you're a regular waxing client, you understand the time and pain of sitting through rip after rip, as your technician peels away what seems like everything from your body. You shiver because your body temperature needs to stay cool (otherwise the wax just gets stringy), and you grit your teeth as section after section, hairs are removed from arms, legs, underarms, and other unspeakable places. So why is waxing so painful?

The answer lies in the fact that it is really most painful the first time. The first time you are ever waxed, hair is dense, full, and thickest in its growth cycle. Bottom line - it's all there. After being waxed for the first time, and removing all the hair in that particular body part, the hair grows back in different stages. Not all hair grows in or falls out at the same time. It happens in different stages. So when you have your hair waxed for the first time, the growth cycle is different for every single strand of hair that was removed. That's why it may not hurt as badly during your subsequent or follow up visits.

So, with that said - ifyou're a first time waxing client, just grin, bear it, and know that somehow, some way, the following visits (every 4-6 weeks) may not be as bad as the very first time. But doesn't it always seem to be that way?

We hope this helps.

Billy Lowe

Monday, May 19, 2008

Face Shapes, Etc

We absolutely LOVE this sweetheart. Ladies and gentlemen - Ms. LeAnn Rimes.

For years we've listened to that amazing voice and held on to our seats as she took to the stage like it was hers for the taking. She's young, she's talented, and she's really put out some great material.

Over the years we've seen LeAnn move from soft careless styles in her earlier years to crimped fashions and now into long flowing locks. The current trend in hair fashion right now is indeed a center part (again we are seeing many reflections of the 80's), and she's not the only person flaunting that look. Madonna, J-Lo, you name it - they're all wearing a center part. But is this look for everyone? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!

While LeAnn can't go wrong in just about anything, I much prefer her softer shapes that distract the eye rather than drawing attention to prominent features. Her eye shape is very flat across the bottom, so a center part looks like the top of a triangle, with her eyes being the base. Compare the above photo to the one here.

In this photo, notice the side sweeping motion of the fringe area, softening the facial features, and distracting the eye downward across her face, rather than the straight line barreling back into her crown area from the photo above.

While "face shapes" aren't the only focus in selecting a cut or style (or even color) for my clients, it does play a significant role in determing a look that's right for them. Study the 2 photos again, notice how they each affect her look. Even her body says completely different things.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading,,,, and think about your own looks, outcomes, styles, or how you'd like to look at the end of your next salon visit.

Billy Lowe

Friday, May 16, 2008


Yes, it's true. I'm writing a book. To those of you that are eager to have one and have encouraged me to put this funny content of mine on paper, I am very excited to announce I am writing TWO books. How's that?

Over the years I have listened and been witness to some of the funniest stories and experiences I have just about ever imagined. These stories and tales come from clients, friends, passers-by, and even a few of my colleagues at work dealing with hair experiences through the years. Between recent beauty seminars, speaking engagements at beauty trade shows, and writing beauty tips and ideas for hundreds of magazines around the world, I have come to enjoy exploring this world of communication. So, I decided to start putting my stories and experiences on paper. You'll read about everything from the most scandalous stories, to the most hysterical stories, and even a few quick and easy hair tips here and there from yours truly. Yes, it's a book of tips, techniques and other true stories - from a Beverly Hills hairstylist. That ought to tear your socks off, tie them in a knot and throw them in the corner!

My amazing assistant has been researching a few publishing companies for me, and right now we're preparing lots of information, making lots of phone calls, and waiting on the right answer. So bare with us as there's much going on this summer, but I did want to answer your questions regarding putting down these fun stories in a book for all the world to see. Best seller anyone? I think so!

Hold on tight, girlfriends; you think your gossip columnist had good dirt?

Enjoy your Friday.

Billy Lowe

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Citysearch Haute Haircut Nominee

NICE! A few weeks ago I received notification from that I was an editorial pick for HAUTE HAIRCUT in Los Angeles/Beverly Hills areas. This is the 2nd year in a row that Citysearch has nominated me, my work, and my hair studio as their "Best Of" categories. The polls close on May 29th, so we'll see what happens between now and then. I'll for sure keep you posted.
Each year, sets the standard as a trusted source for client reviews, testimonials, introducing products and services to the public, and namely answering the "where do I go" questions for new-comers to the city.
I recently had a speaking engagement in New York and stayed near the Empire State Building. It was a great area, plenty to see and do while I was there for 5 days, but I had no idea where to eat in the evenings as I simply don't know the city that well. So, knowing how has brought so many wonderful people my way, I decided to turn to them in a restaurant selection or 2. I found a cute little place on 9th called Eatery and a couple of fun cocktail spots as well that I wouldn't have otherwise found. Eatery was a very trendy, friendly, delicious place to eat and you bet I'll be back.
So to all the travelers, new-comers,visitors and guests to each and every city, dial into this great website, read the client reviews, and try something new. I had a wonderful experience in NYC for dining, and clients that have come to me for hair services say they have truly been impressed with the service and results they've gotten from me here in Los Angeles.
I guess I've said all that to say - GREAT GOING CITYSEARCH. We appreciate you.
Have an outstanding day.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Tourmaline Technology by CONAIR

So my good friends at Conair were telling me about their new products, the NANO-SILVER line, with Tourmaline Technology.

"WOW!!! Tell me where I can get some of that technology." I said to them with a grin.

I ordered a few pieces and for you ladies at home, let me tell you - it's wonderful. I got quite a few pieces including a hairdryer, a flat iron, and a hot roller set for all those fabulous Friday night styles I do in the salon.

The blow-drier I have to tell you is a dynamic power-house. It really speeds up your blow-drying time and creates a soft, silky feel, and great results every time. I asked what set the new products apart from the rest of the products out there for us, and here's what I learned:

INFINITI NANO SILVER BY CONAIR is a superior sophisticated new line that adds micro particles of silver to Infiniti's existing Tourmaline Ceramic technology. The fusion creates a high tech glide that lets hair slide over plates easily and sends air surging through vents for fast drying and styling. With ionic technology, Nano silver releases supreme shine. This tool's distinctive construction and pure glossy white finish with chrome accents keeps your vanity looking almost as good as you do.

So what is this going to cost you? There are several products by CONAIR in this fabulous line and here's what's being offered.

Nano Silver Tourmaline Ceramic Styler (blow dryer)- Suggested Retail: $49.99

Nano Silver Tourmaline Ceramic 1" Straightener: Suggested Retail $84.99

Nano Silver Tourmaline Ceramic 1 3/4 " Straightener: Suggested Retail: $89.99

Nano Silver Tourmaline Ceramic Rollers with Cord Reel: Suggested Retail: 49.99

For this and a lot more great information, visit my friends at

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