Traveling made easy!

Spring has sprung, sprouted, sprooted and it feels like it's completely over here in Southern California. Yesterday temperatures reached close to 100 degrees and I must have had 4 servings of ice cream (amidst my daily shopping). Nonetheless, the beaches were jammed with volleyball players, bikers, roller bladers, and thousands of people eager to get some Vitamin D.

As spring break and summer are here and right around the corner, travelers everywhere are making their plans for their vacations. Everyday, everywhere, there will be thousands of travelers who over pack, over stuff, and sit their fannies on those poor little suitcases just to squeeze everything in. One less beauty product please.

This year, keep it simple. Here are my summertime travel tips.

1 - Your favorite pair of pants in Nebraska may not look so hot in Miami. Think about where you're headed. If it's Miami, California, keep it light, keep it breezy, but yes, do bring a light jacket. If it's New York, think chic and sophisticated, yet bring some comfy attire there as well. Pack garments that you can easily mix and match as well for a larger variety with fewer items packed.

2 - Team pack. With your beauty products, there's no sense in 5 girlfriends all bringing a hair dryer. Share the load and make it easier on everyone.

3 - Ask your hairstylist for travel kits of your favorite products. Chances are, they have them or can get them. Don't rely on hotel products to give you great results. Bad hair days will look exactly so in those fabulous vacation photos you want to take.

4 - Pack in travel sized containers. If your hairstylist does not have travel sized products, go to your local drug store or supermarket, and buy small 1 and 2 oz empty plastic bottles so you can fill from home. It's a cinch. Just remember to put everything in a clear baggie for the airports.

5 - Keep a few personals with you on the plane. How many times have you heard nightmares of luggage being lost and Vern is then without a pair of panties or contact lenses? Keep the bare essentials with you just in case. You just never know when you might need them (especially on those lay over flights where it seems everything gets lost).

That's it for now. Enjoy the tips, have a great summer, and remember to PACK YOUR SUNSCREEN and SUN PROTECTORS for both hair & skin.



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