"But I can't fix my hair like you do!!!!!"

How many times have you said that famous line to your hairstylist? The cut or color are complete, and you sit in the chair underneath the 75 pound cape of truth and watch carefully as your hairstylist selects product by product, to prep your hair for styling. Each section is carefully combed through, separated, and the hair looks like beautiful pieces of clay being molded in the potter's hand.

There are indeed a few differences in your doing it, and the stylist doing it. The biggest difference is body mechanics. Your hairstylist is able to move your head, swivel the chair, and can reach as close or as far as he/she needs to to get the perfect bend on your hair. So here's a couple of quick tips.

1 - Hair doesn't begin taking shape until it reaches 70-80-90% being dry. Don't even use a brush until the majority of the moisture is removed.

2 - The main point of focus of your hair is the face framing area. Spend most of your time there and maybe let the back air-dry. Put in a leave in serum, mousse, or texture paste in the back, smooth through the front, and finger style the front to blend in with the back. This will save you a HUGE amount of time.

3 - Use a metal or ceramic round brush for styling. I simply do not use boar or nylon bristles anymore because of static, and fraying. I get much better results with vented ceramic or metal round brushes. Because the center barrel is metal or ceramic, it heats up/gets warm, and acts like a polishing tool as you're styling.

4 - If you do need to dry the back, lean to the side for better body mechanics, and use a large flat brush in order to "flat dry" the back.

5 - For top head drying, reaching up can sometimes be achallenge (again - body mechanics). In this case, lean forward and direct everything forward and down when you style.

Voila! Quick, easy, blowing. Yes you can.

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