Sunday, April 06, 2008

How big is your 'BUT'?

No I'm not talking about your rear-end. I'm talking about those excuses that you keep telling yourself every day.

  • But I don't have time!
  • But I have to take care of the kids!
  • But I have to prepare dinner and then do the dishes!

Listen! You know you love it when you walk out of the salon looking and feeling like a million bucks. Why wouldn't you treat yourself to that same experience EVERY DAY? By taking just a few minutes each and every day to look good, and feel good, you'll love and appreciate yourself so much more. Those daily chores you keep telling yourself you "have to do" will actually be a lot more fun because throughout the day as you are doing your grocery shopping, or picking up the kids, or preparing a meal, you'll be getting compliments on how great you look, or how your skin is glowing, or that you have fabulous hair! Who wouldn't want to experience that every day?

At the top of every morning, I suggest giving yourself 10 minutes. Yes 10 (ten) minutes. Here's how to break it down in a few easy ways. Break it down however you'd like - with whatever time you have to work with.

2 minute hair: Either a quick ponytail (gathered at the nape and a side part at the front) or scrunch through the back and smooth out the front. Ultimately, it's the face framing area that really matters so let the back air-dry and spend your time perfecting the front area.

1 minute make-up: Lashes & gloss. It doesn't have to be perfect, it doesn't have to be perfect or dramatic. This is quick and easy make-up, just enough to pep you up and get you on your way!!

3 minute make-up: Lashes, gloss, cheeks, and a quick powder.

5 minute make-up: Lashes, gloss, cheeks, powder, define the eyes & lips a little more.

Right now the most you've spent is 7 minutes on yourself - that leaves you 3 good minutes for a quick outfit.

Another great tip is that when you do your laundry, partner pieces and accessories together that you like to wear. Rather than shoving jeans in a drawer, put them on a hanger next to a top that you like and voila - the outfit is ready to go. A cute pair of shoes, a last minute hair/make-up check and you're on your way - looking and feeling much better than just running out the door frantic.

You are worth that extra 10 minutes, and you'll feel much better about yourself throughout the day, rather than constantly fighting fly-away hair, or trying to throw on last minute lipstick as you're braking the car so as not to hit the person in front of you.


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