Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hollywood Events

Billy Lowe styles hair for LG phone launch party.
Billy Lowe shown at LG Press Wall.
Yes it’s true; everything you ever heard about people crashing parties in Hollywood is really, really true. One would think that being the entertainment capital of the world that more would actually happen here. But truth be told, there seems to be more social goings on in Savannah, Georgia than there is in Hollywood, California. Trust me, I spent many summers there as a kid as my family owned homes there and we spent countless days going crabbing in the early mornings, and spending the rest of the day in the sun and sand. Nonetheless, Hollywood does have its fair share of nightlife, paparazzi, special events, and so on, just on a different scale.

A dear friend of mine is notorious for showing up at parties with no invitation in hand, no press badge, and no other form of admission that might let him in to the event. He just manages to show up and there he is, mingling and jingling with the best of them, walking up to celebrities and asking for photos, and getting their autographs on the back of his business cards.

I’ll never forget his appearance at a VIP event I was styling hair for. It was at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, honoring a few celebrities for their contributions to this charitable organization throwing the night’s festivities. I entered the parking structure with my two assistants and make-up artist, 4 bags and 2 rolling cases in tow. It takes quite a bit of time to get things from the car to the building, check in at the door, get your badges for security clearances, and get set up backstage. The evenings usually starts out fairly slow with one or two VIP’s trickling in for touch-ups, then somewhere 10 minutes before show time, there are15-20 people lining up wanting last minute fixes.

As I was carrying my things from the parking structure to the building on this windy Saturday evening, my friend Stan met me half way from the parking structure heading into the building and said “I’m your agent tonight.”

“Oh brother.” I thought as I was ending a phone call with one hand, juggling 2 bags with another, and trying to grab my photo ID for security check in at the door.

“What are you doing here?” I asked as my assistants started giggling to the thought of some strange person showing up calling himself my agent. They both know my agent very well as they’ve run things by his offices many times.

“Just tell the people at the door I’m your agent, or your publicist, or your media contact, or something. I just want to get into this party.” He continued.

I got to the desk to check in, spotted my name, my two assistants’ names, and my make-up artist’s name on the roster. 4 were clear. “He’s with me.” I told the people at the desk as I walked off and left Stan there to check in for himself. At that point I didn’t care if he got in or not.

30 minutes later the dressing rooms were we were set up. Make-up was ready, hair tools were turned on, hot and ready to go, and styling aids were there for use for last minute touch ups. About that time, I heard clinking glasses and laughter, and the sound of Stan’s voice resonating through the halls outside and I thought “It never fails; he always gets in.”

6 months later as Stan and I were having dinner in Beverly Hills, he proceeded to tell me about an Oscar party he went to. “How did you get into an Oscar party?” I asked him. “Oh it was easy!” he boasted as he had the biggest grin on his face. It was like watching an 8 year old boy that had just poured glue onto his friend’s seat in grade school. “I had a fake Oscar made, wore my tux, put on my specs, and entered with a few of the technical people that had won Oscars that night. I looked just like they did so it wasn’t even questioned.”

Note to self – if I need to get in anywhere, make a fake Oscar, or make fake business cards and claim that I’m someone’s agent. Seems to work for Stan.

Have a great day.

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