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Spas, Salons and Yoga - OH MY!

Yes, it's Hollywood. We live in a world where there's a spa, a salon or a yoga studio on every corner with each one offering a plethora of services, treatments, gift cards, memberships, you name it. But whether you're a local, a new-comer, or a visitor, how do you choose which one is right for you? Enter Chill Out LA - a phenomenal website featuring articles, reviews, testimonials and more on local services here in Hollywood-Land.

Started by Erin Mahoney Harris, has thousands of viewers every month, and hosts a variety of spas, salons, and yoga studios throughout Los Angeles, complete with maps, brief descriptions, special offers, etc. What's more, is that the website offers a fantastic keyword search option that will help narrow down your searches, and help you find the ideal location that fits your needs.
With so many search engines to choose from, why not save time, energy and effort in finding the perfect spa, yoga studio or salon in Los Angeles. While you're busy with the kids or at work, Erin is pounding the pavement to give you the inside scoop of fantastic services and destinations throughout the Los Angeles area. Way to go Erin.
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