Saturday, April 05, 2008

Breaking up is hard to do.

Over the years I've been asked my opinion so many times for magazines, news articles, and just casual chat with friends "How do I tell my hairstylist I'm moving on - or should I?"


Imagine having a great friend that you meet for dinner the first Friday of every month. Next, imagine showing up for what you think is your regularly scheduled dinner, and not only does your friend not show up, they didn't call, they didn't text, and they didn't leave a message for you at the restaurant. How would you feel? Disappointed? Hurt? Let down? Upset? Of course you would. And you'd also wonder what you did wrong.

This is how hairstylists feel when a client goes M.I.A. We spend years developing and cultivating relationships; learning how much cream and sugar the 10am likes in her coffee, or what sort of chocolates to keep in the salon, or which fresh flowers would look good in the salon this season. It's more than just cutting and coloring hair. It's a passion, it's a flair, it's our creative genius, and so much more.

Before moving on to another hairstylist or salon professional, have a heart to heart with yours. Maybe something is missing because you never expressed what it is. If it's an easy fix like decor, product availability, schdeduling etc, perhaps your stylist would be open to suggestions to help enhance his/her business.

Don't get caught up in marketing sales schemes to lure you into another salon. If you do that, you'll get into a cycle of always looking for the next sales scheme - then nobody wins. And trust me- your hair will suffer the consequences because of your inconsistency.

Have a heart, be considerate, share your thoughts with your beauty professioanal. After all, we are good listeners aren't we?

Billy Lowe

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