The Amazing Ms. Catherine Townsend

I received a call from London last week for a client who wanted cut & color in my studio. The soft southern tones came across on my salon's caller ID from an overseas number which caught me a bit by surprise. Being a southerner myself, I couldn't quite place if it was a deep European accent, or truly a southern accent that I was hearing. Nonetheless I took the appointment and carried on with my day.

On the day of her appointment, and after 9 "how do I get there" phone calls, including one from her mother (yes from Georgia) - in walked one of the coolest clients I have just about ever spent time with. I usually begin my appointments listening to client concerns about how they style their hair, color they admire, previous color (or color mishaps) etc before I begin my thoughts. When we made a plan about our appointment together, I whipped up some highlights, prepared the foils, and began coloring away.

"So what do you do in London?" I asked.

"I'm a writer and a Journalist." she said. "I have a sex column called Sleeping Around."


This caught my attention like the bells ringing for Pavlov's dog. We chatted and laughed for the next 2 hours as I was entertained to accounts of her work in London, her books, and her life after Georgia. We had so much to talk about; everything from sweet tea, leaving the south, moving far away, and wondering if we'd ever grace those southern sands again someday. What a blast and what a talent I found in Catherine Townsend.

To all of my adoring fans out there, this is one heck of a writer and you absolutely must have her books. You'll find some amazing accounts on her blog at, and chances are, you'll relate to most of them.


Billy Lowe


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