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Entrepreneur Magazine

I woke up Sunday morning, December 17th to enjoy a day off from a Saturday full of color color color. On my way to my favorite cafe in West Hollywood, I stopped by the newsstands, and there it was. January 2007 ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE, and yours truly is on page 86. It was the hi-light of my day. I couldn't think of enough people to call.

I had responded to a press lead several months ago, from a writer wanting to know if small business owners are really in control of their business. Yes and no were my answers and I explained many "why's." She set up a phone interview with me that lasted an hour or so, and I think I was more nervous then than I would be giving a speech. I received a call a couple months later, it was Entrepreneur Magazine letting me know they were sending out a staff photographer to photograph me in my hair studio. THE STORY GOT PICKED UP.

May your year end be as fabulous as the one I've had thus far, and in the words of Chellie Campbell keep sendin…