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Holiday Shopping

Tis the season - yet again. But worry not good shoppers, time and money saving tips are easier than you might imagine. Here’s what Hairstylist Billy Lowe has to say:

1. Call ahead. If you're a frequent or routine shopper and know what you want, or you need "refills" on purchases (such as hair-care or other beauty products), call your beauty professional ahead of time, place your order over the phone with a credit card, and ask them to have it wrapped and ready for your pick-up. Many clients do this when booking so that when their cut or color is done, their retail products or styling tools are packaged and ready for check-out. Also remember to plan a month or two ahead for your beauty appointments next year to secure your preferred appointment times. This will help you avoid last-minute holiday scheduling.

2. Make a list. If you’re concerned about time, make a list and stick to it. This way, you’ll avoid compulsive shopping or over-spending. You’ll be in and out in a fl…