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What do I take when I travel???

As the snow-birds begin preparing to leave their nests for yet another soon-to-come winter, they’re all a chatter about what to take on that trip to warm sunny Palm Springs or the Caribbean. Here are my top tips for traveling whether we're wrapping up summer or preparing for seasons ahead.

When we travel for vacation, we should remember to relax and enjoy. Chances are - the styles you wear at home won’t be the same as at your destination. Over-coiffing will only make you stand out. For example, a simple pony tail will get you from a casual outing to a nice dinner. Use a low tie-back and a side part for a more classy look. While you may need to bring a styling tool or 2, remember it’s not a beauty pageant. Take the basics - make it easy on yourself - and enjoy your trip.

EVERY traveler should have a pre-made “Grab & Go” bag for their styling aid & personals. It’s pre-thought, pre-planned, so when you travel, no thought goes into what you bring or not. It’s all ready to go.
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