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Modern day 1940's

The 1940s was such a remarkable time for style and class. We're seeing it a lot today in hair and fashion. While Gwen Stefani has been wearing a classic 1940's style for years, Christina Aguilera has been pulling it off lately looking hotter than ever. Get rid of that center part - throw in some hot rollers and you're on your way to having a better-than-ever look that's easy to achieve. Using hot rollers will help add drama, volume and lots of fun movement. And they are a great way to get this look.

I always like to start with a fresh pallet. Some people say "I heard to have dirty hair when you're doing an up-do." To me, dirty hair is dirty hair.

The basics of achieving the look:
1. Shampoo & condition as normal
2. Apply a volumizing serum or mousse for style, control & support
3. Blow-dry hair as normal and apply hot rollers. Note - I always direct everything back.
4. Once rollers have cooled down, shake hair loose and finger comb.
5. Create a sid…