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Clarify your hair!!!

As I write from Southern California, I realize that not everyone that reads my notes lives here - or is able to enjoy the sand & the surf year round. So as we near the end of summer and move into cooler weather - it's time to focus on getting hair back to normal. However, I wanted to address a few tips on prevention of build-up - especially relating to swimming pools or ocean water.

Chlorine is perhaps a stylists biggest obstacle - especially for color treated clients. It also feels very harsh in the hair and leads to frizziness, dehydration, and spongy feeling hair. You can prevent build up in the following ways.

Get a shower head with a purifier. This will help reduce rust, iron, chlorine & other minerals in the water from building up on hair. It also helps soften skin.
Before swimming (pool or ocean) wet hair in your shower or sink & apply a light conditioner. Do not rinse out. Hair is like a sponge. Once saturated - it can't really hold any more water.

Concealing Regrowth

December 2006 - Hairstyling Magazine features a brief couple of paragraphs on me - discussing ways to conceal your regrowth (aka - roots). I shared quite a few tips - tho only a few ever get used - but here are my best ideas for disguising regrowth.

1. STYLE YOUR HAIR. When we're frustrated by something - we have a natural tendency to draw attention to it. That includes our hair. "Look at these roots!" Sally exclaims. "I'm having such a bad hair day." Toots Jessica. Yes - we know. But you don't need to draw attention to your regrowth. If you style your hair - you'll look better and feel better - than if you don't. If you don't style your hair - your roots will be more evident.

2. Avoid pulling hair back into a ponytail. This makes roots/regrowth show up front & center.

3. Use a side-sweeping bang to disguise regrowth. Throw in a scarf, wear a hat - GET CREATIVE. Also make the part less defined. This scatters the color…