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Soft tousled Curls. How do I do it?

Dear Billy, I have bone straight hair. How do I get that soft curly look?

(An actual question from a client).

The look is as classic and beautiful this season as ever. And we'll be seeing more of it, and variations of it as the year goes on. The technique is simple.

1. Shampoo and condition as normal
2. Towel Dry
3. Apply a root lift at the root area
4. Apply a body/volumizing serum through to the ends
5. "Marry the 2" products by brushing hair with a large paddle brush - scalp to ends.
6. Blow dry root area by lifting it straight up for more volume & lift
7. Remove 70-80% of the moisture from rest of hair by blow-drying
8. Begin taking small sections and dry using round brush
9. As each section is dry, wrap it around your fingers for a soft barrel curl & clip
10. When finished with entire head, spray lightly and allow "cooling time" - 10-15 mins.
11. Remove clips & shake loose. Voila!

It's a great look, simple to achieve and you'll see a p…