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The Price of a GREAT hair cut

I've been questioned many times about the price of a haircut. Is there really a difference? Does a high-end salon or stylist really know more? What about your friendly neighborhood $30 haircut?

These are great questions, and great concerns. Let me begin by saying that a high-end haircut doesn't necessarily mean a $30 haircut is bad. But it does mean quite a few things. Chances are a $100 haircut comes with a great deal of training, advanced cutting education, and a great deal of time invested in the stylist's career. It also means a higher end experience, and being pampered & catered to whether that means being offered a beverage, a hot towel treatment, or a coat check. It really makes a difference in the overall experience - and how you feel leaving the salon. Are you proud leaving that $30 haircut? Or would you feel a bit more polished and cared for leaving something a bit more upscale? When I leave a salon, I want to feel like a million bucks. And I want to know that…


The dog-days of summer are in full swing and our tresses have been torn and tousled by the wind & the sun. What better way to treat them than to a refreshing organic banana mint masque. Bananas are high in moisture content and when blended into a hair masque, they make the best conditioning agent - working from the inside out to make hair look and feel silky soft. A series of 3 treatments (once a week) coupled with at-home hair care will have hair feeling and looking its best in no time.

Remember to fight that summertime frizz by using hair serums with UV filters, and spray in agents that also combat the damaging effects of the sun.

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