Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Concealing Regrowth

December 2006 - Hairstyling Magazine features a brief couple of paragraphs on me - discussing ways to conceal your regrowth (aka - roots). I shared quite a few tips - tho only a few ever get used - but here are my best ideas for disguising regrowth.

1. STYLE YOUR HAIR. When we're frustrated by something - we have a natural tendency to draw attention to it. That includes our hair. "Look at these roots!" Sally exclaims. "I'm having such a bad hair day." Toots Jessica. Yes - we know. But you don't need to draw attention to your regrowth. If you style your hair - you'll look better and feel better - than if you don't. If you don't style your hair - your roots will be more evident.

2. Avoid pulling hair back into a ponytail. This makes roots/regrowth show up front & center.

3. Use a side-sweeping bang to disguise regrowth. Throw in a scarf, wear a hat - GET CREATIVE. Also make the part less defined. This scatters the color and diverts the eye from such a harsh regrowth line.

4. Use a touch-up stick in between your color services. Color Mark makes a fabulous one that comes in many different shades whether you're blonde or medium brown Simply apply to the root area - and comb through to break up the line.

5. DON'T COLOR YOURSELF. It could be a costly mistake in both money and time - to get it corrected. Color correction begins at about $200 (and 3-4 hours of time). It's simply not worth trying to cover your roots yourself.


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