Monday, August 28, 2006

Modern day 1940's

The 1940s was such a remarkable time for style and class. We're seeing it a lot today in hair and fashion. While Gwen Stefani has been wearing a classic 1940's style for years, Christina Aguilera has been pulling it off lately looking hotter than ever. Get rid of that center part - throw in some hot rollers and you're on your way to having a better-than-ever look that's easy to achieve. Using hot rollers will help add drama, volume and lots of fun movement. And they are a great way to get this look.

I always like to start with a fresh pallet. Some people say "I heard to have dirty hair when you're doing an up-do." To me, dirty hair is dirty hair.

The basics of achieving the look:
1. Shampoo & condition as normal
2. Apply a volumizing serum or mousse for style, control & support
3. Blow-dry hair as normal and apply hot rollers. Note - I always direct everything back.
4. Once rollers have cooled down, shake hair loose and finger comb.
5. Create a side part and secure into place with a light hold spray for that classic look

Be careful not to over-work curls or they will lose their definition.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Clarify your hair!!!

As I write from Southern California, I realize that not everyone that reads my notes lives here - or is able to enjoy the sand & the surf year round. So as we near the end of summer and move into cooler weather - it's time to focus on getting hair back to normal. However, I wanted to address a few tips on prevention of build-up - especially relating to swimming pools or ocean water.

Chlorine is perhaps a stylists biggest obstacle - especially for color treated clients. It also feels very harsh in the hair and leads to frizziness, dehydration, and spongy feeling hair. You can prevent build up in the following ways.

  1. Get a shower head with a purifier. This will help reduce rust, iron, chlorine & other minerals in the water from building up on hair. It also helps soften skin.
  2. Before swimming (pool or ocean) wet hair in your shower or sink & apply a light conditioner. Do not rinse out. Hair is like a sponge. Once saturated - it can't really hold any more water.
  3. Shampoo immediately after swimming and do not allow hair to dry just after swimming. Otherwise - salt water or chlorine will dry in hair and be harder to remove.
  4. If you are a heavy swimmer - use a clarifying shampoo 3-4x a week to help break down build up in hair. Occasionally add a little baking soda into shampoo, lather well, and leave on for 5 minutes. This helps in the break-down process as well.
  5. Condition well and follow these precautions next time before swimming.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Concealing Regrowth

December 2006 - Hairstyling Magazine features a brief couple of paragraphs on me - discussing ways to conceal your regrowth (aka - roots). I shared quite a few tips - tho only a few ever get used - but here are my best ideas for disguising regrowth.

1. STYLE YOUR HAIR. When we're frustrated by something - we have a natural tendency to draw attention to it. That includes our hair. "Look at these roots!" Sally exclaims. "I'm having such a bad hair day." Toots Jessica. Yes - we know. But you don't need to draw attention to your regrowth. If you style your hair - you'll look better and feel better - than if you don't. If you don't style your hair - your roots will be more evident.

2. Avoid pulling hair back into a ponytail. This makes roots/regrowth show up front & center.

3. Use a side-sweeping bang to disguise regrowth. Throw in a scarf, wear a hat - GET CREATIVE. Also make the part less defined. This scatters the color and diverts the eye from such a harsh regrowth line.

4. Use a touch-up stick in between your color services. Color Mark makes a fabulous one that comes in many different shades whether you're blonde or medium brown Simply apply to the root area - and comb through to break up the line.

5. DON'T COLOR YOURSELF. It could be a costly mistake in both money and time - to get it corrected. Color correction begins at about $200 (and 3-4 hours of time). It's simply not worth trying to cover your roots yourself.


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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Soft tousled Curls. How do I do it?

Dear Billy, I have bone straight hair. How do I get that soft curly look?

(An actual question from a client).

The look is as classic and beautiful this season as ever. And we'll be seeing more of it, and variations of it as the year goes on. The technique is simple.

1. Shampoo and condition as normal
2. Towel Dry
3. Apply a root lift at the root area
4. Apply a body/volumizing serum through to the ends
5. "Marry the 2" products by brushing hair with a large paddle brush - scalp to ends.
6. Blow dry root area by lifting it straight up for more volume & lift
7. Remove 70-80% of the moisture from rest of hair by blow-drying
8. Begin taking small sections and dry using round brush
9. As each section is dry, wrap it around your fingers for a soft barrel curl & clip
10. When finished with entire head, spray lightly and allow "cooling time" - 10-15 mins.
11. Remove clips & shake loose. Voila!

It's a great look, simple to achieve and you'll see a photo here, demonstrating what a full head of barrel curls would look like. Enjoy, good luck, and thanks for reading.

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Friday, August 11, 2006

The Price of a GREAT hair cut

I've been questioned many times about the price of a haircut. Is there really a difference? Does a high-end salon or stylist really know more? What about your friendly neighborhood $30 haircut?

These are great questions, and great concerns. Let me begin by saying that a high-end haircut doesn't necessarily mean a $30 haircut is bad. But it does mean quite a few things. Chances are a $100 haircut comes with a great deal of training, advanced cutting education, and a great deal of time invested in the stylist's career. It also means a higher end experience, and being pampered & catered to whether that means being offered a beverage, a hot towel treatment, or a coat check. It really makes a difference in the overall experience - and how you feel leaving the salon. Are you proud leaving that $30 haircut? Or would you feel a bit more polished and cared for leaving something a bit more upscale? When I leave a salon, I want to feel like a million bucks. And I want to know that my money spent has been well worth it.

Here's the way I see it. Your daily coffee buzz can cost you as much as $4 or $5 a day. And it's gone in 5 minutes. Coupled with a light snack - that can be as much as $150 or $200 every 4 weeks. A fabulous haircut can last you as long as 4-6 weeks - and can leave you feeling glamorous every single day. To me - that's worth it. I'd definitely invest $5 a day, and a bit of my time - knowing I had a great cut, color or style that made me feel good about myself, and not just because I had to get a cut "on the go."

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


The dog-days of summer are in full swing and our tresses have been torn and tousled by the wind & the sun. What better way to treat them than to a refreshing organic banana mint masque. Bananas are high in moisture content and when blended into a hair masque, they make the best conditioning agent - working from the inside out to make hair look and feel silky soft. A series of 3 treatments (once a week) coupled with at-home hair care will have hair feeling and looking its best in no time.

Remember to fight that summertime frizz by using hair serums with UV filters, and spray in agents that also combat the damaging effects of the sun.

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