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Celebrity Hair Stylist Billy Lowe is a Los Anglees based hair stylist and the founder of Gloss & Toss hair products delivering the best results for healthy, shiny, radiant looking hair.  From our signature hair serum to our amazing detangle brush, Gloss & Toss hair products are an expansion of Lowe's 20+ years in the health and beauty industries.  

Our mission?  To demystify the world of "Hollywood Beauty" and make hair products, tips, and services available to customers everywhere to achieve gorgeous hair results and more look good - feel good moments.  

This blog shares insights from "behind the scenes" Hollywood beauty and other random thoughts by Lowe and his team whether it's a beauty tip, a red carpet experience, or perhaps a random family recipe or photos from a road trip.  But if you need a great hair volume tip, you'll find that here.  If you're looking for the best hair serum to blow-dry your hair, we definitely know a thing or two a…

Georgia Boy Choir Performs Think On Me

The Georgia Boy Choir - Think On Me The romantic letter Think On Me written by Mary Queen of Scots.

This song has been sung year after year in countless vocal performances and competitions throughout the years.  I remember as a little boy I competed in boys' classical piano events winning regionally and ranking 3rd and 4th in the state of Georgia at 15 and 17 years of age.

Think On Me is the ultimate piece that we all longed to hear year after year and it's been one of  my favorite pieces for many years.  My friend Bonnie Mancil performed this as a solo one year for literary events and I've heard different performances and variations.

Never, until now, have I been so moved, so stilled, and so in awes of the purity of this performance and I hope you will fall in love with the melody as much as I have loved it for over 30 years.

Think On Me:  Written by Mary Queen of Scots
Performed (to Completion) by: The Georgia Boy Choir; Atlanta, GA

Wedding Hair Gift Guide - Bridal Beauty Gift Set

The Ultimate Wedding Hair and Bridal Beauty GiftWedding hair and makeup take a lot of planning and bridal beauty is a very important part of wedding day and all of the events leading up to that special day.

Brides and guests alike love the wedding day beauty experience.  Nothing could be more exciting for the bride than to spend those moments "backstage" with her closest friends or loved ones and experiencing "hair and makeup" as if they were getting ready to go onstage for their big role in a movie.  Lights, Camera, Action.

Many times wedding hair and makeup are booked for the bride as well as her special guests, and other times, the time and costs of hair and makeup application and appointment times can get costly. So Gloss & Toss Hair Products has created that perfect wedding day beauty gift that every bride can give her bridesmaids and special guests.

Introducing The Bridal Beauty 3 Piece Set from Gloss & Toss Hair Care. This 3 Piece Gift Set includes: 

International Quilt Market for Quilting - Portland

Quilt Market 2018 Portland Let me begin by saying, "I DON'T QUILT!"  But my family has a rich history of crafts, music, and creating.  Wait did I mention cooking and baking? And after 25+ years in retail sales and marketing, life on the red carpet as a hair stylist, and basic knowledge of today's retail market, I've been asked to share some experiences at the International Quilting Convention in Portland, Oregon this year.

It's no secret that e-commerce and "deal of the day" campaigns have had a negative impact on many small businesses and industries as a whole.  So,,, I'll be speaking at the Quilting Convention in Portland in May (2018).  But let me confess right up front, I am not a quilter myself and know nothing about the subject matter except that my Grandmother quilted for years and was quite the creative person and that was "the tie that binds" and sparked an interest in my team to submit content to the organizers for a possibl…

Red Carpet Hair Styling Products - Best of Beauty

Shop our Red Carpet Hair Styling Kit and Best of Beauty Products. Los Angeles is Red Carpet Hair and Beauty Buzz during Awards Seasons.  Many movie "nods" are given,  head-to-toe beauty appointments get booked, and fans around the world tune in to see who won, how often, and what the element of beauty was for the event. What's not to be missed?

From Celebrity SWAG bags to step and repeat photos, and the anticipation of who actually won, it's non stop action (and helicopters all night long).  And on top of all of that excitement will be the follow up photos in your favorite magazines dishing who showed up, who wore what, and how it was done.

Red Carpet Results To Go! Here's how you can get a Red Carpet hair style yourself without spending hours on your hair at home or the pain and frustration of pins and clips. We think is all about keeping it easy and being you, rather than being pinned up!  This super tip "Destresses your Tresses!"

Gloss & Toss® Hai…

Holiday Gift Guide 2017 and Gift Ideas from Gloss & Toss Hair Care

The Ultimate Holiday Beauty Gift Guide ideas are here.w
Online PR News – 02-November-2017 – Los Angeles, CA – Holiday Gift Guide ideas tell us what's new and what's next! That's what's on everyone's mind this year other than ordering online. Gloss & Toss Hair Care is no stranger to online excellence and the convenience of having those orders filled. In fact, it's so well loved not just by customers at home, but celebrities and leading hair stylists in Hollywood are using Gloss & Toss Hair Products behind the scenes of Hollywood and for themselves. Full story submission can be found here. "There's something for everyone!" says celebrity hair stylist Billy Lowe, founder of Gloss & Toss Hair Products and Hollywood Hair Stylist. "We are proud to announce 3 amazing value sets this year that fits a variety of needs and a variety of budgets." Lowe comes from a long history of sales and marketing leadership in the global health and beau…

Hollywood Beauty and The Red Carpet

The red carpet is a fictional character.  
Well, sort of. When I travel for work, people ask what it's like to work on the red carpet or as a hair stylist in Hollywood and I simply tell them "The red carpet is wherever you put one.Hollywood just televises it."  The red carpet seems such a mystery to people "way out there."  It seems to be something that's untouchable or unreachable.  But truthfully, it's available to you no matter where you are.  They sell them at Home Depot in fact.

Living in Los Angeles, many of us drive by historic landmarks every day and we don't even see it anymore.  "Hollywood" is a sign on a hill that became a celebrity itself.  At one time it was just someone's property.  Then some letters went up on that hill that represent your favorite movie or actor and those letters became a destination.  But to those of us that work in the service industry, namely health and beauty, we're inspired by the world of Hol…

Makeover events Los Angeles - Plan a makeover as part of your Hollywood visit

Book a makeover in Los Angeles or Southern California during your vacation  Perhaps a makeover party would be the ticket. Or maybe you'd like to nominate someone for a makeover for a lifetime achievement or a simple "pamper me" day in the Southern California area. Is your company planning a year end "employee of the year" celebration and you're wondering what to give?  How about a national sweepstakes prize give away? Or perhaps you'd like to have a Hollywood makeover event brought to you on location. Wherever you are, scheduling a makeover is just as exciting as it sounds.

When it comes to scheduling a makeover in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills areas, even throughout Southern California, my team and I have had the great opportunity to roll out the red carpet for many exciting even…