Special Events

Hair & makeup for special events?   YES

Hosting product launches and retail sales campaigns?  DEFINITELY

Presentations for an executive retreat?  YOU'D BE SURPRISED

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What Billy Lowe clients are saying

Our experience has been nothing short of brilliant!  Billy's passion for beauty is 
infectious and his creative ideas no doubt lead to increased sales for the brand!

Billy Lowe is at the top of his profession and it's clear why!  He knows his 
stuff from bangs to brows and has the A-List clientele to prove it. 

Billy's direction made this shoot a blazing success.  
The actors never looked so great. 

A $10,000 makeover with Billy Lowe in NYC for Artes Medical

Billy Lowe corporate events have been a hit for the following:
  • Hosting/Speaking at trade shows and executive summits
  • Successfully launching a new product and driving profitability
  • Addressing image/grooming standards
  • Creating marketing and educational components for your brand
  • Driving retail sales efforts 
  • At sea beauty and makeover events
  • Creating an effective beauty or makeover event
  • Attracting new clientele
  • Providing hair/make-up services for events, productions, campaign efforts
  • Hosting fashion shows, news segments, and reality television

Billy Lowe events are perfect for product launches, tv/film, news segments, editorial, trade shows, in-salon beauty events/coaching, and more.  Please give us a call at 310-430-4045 or visit us online at www.billylowe.com today for more information.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Billy Lowe speaks to a group on "Working in Hollywood."

Billy Lowe helps launch the CLARISONIC OPAL 2009, 2010, 2011
Billy Lowe coordinates a beauty event in Greenville, SC

Billy Lowe speaks at McComb Community College, Michigan
Billy Lowe provides hair &make-up services for BornFreeUSA
Billy Lowe coordinates a beauty event for Samsung Phones