Sunday, February 11, 2018

Beautiful friendships - Over a decade of memories

She doesn't know I'm doing this.  SHHHH  IT'S A SURPRISE.   Or is it.

Meg and Billy - Summer 2012; That year.
It's Sunday night and I'm cleaning out files - yes kids - one of THOSE nights. But in all of my years in Los Angeles, there's been one super fun, super cool, super real, super loyal friend and her name is Meg.  Although I lovingly call her "Mama Meg."   We've been friends for over 10 years and she's as sweet and beautiful as ever.

This photo was taken on the patio of Le Pan Quotidien in Los Angeles on Melrose Avenue.  Had I gotten a new pair or sunglasses  Or were we just both gorgeous and bronze?  I think I was trying on another friends' sunglasses and she snapped this photo of Meg and me. I don't know but this is one of my favorite photos and in my lifetime, one of my favorite people.  Why?  Well I didn't think anyone had ears bigger than mine (according to my biological mother) and being a hair stylist, I'm an "Ok" listener. But Meg, She's the best. Can I call her?  YEP.  Can we go our for the day and stare up at the blue sky and say 'I'll get to that tomorrow?'   YEP.  Does she help me "toss" it all to the wind and just let the wind blow in my hair (whatever is left)?  YEP.  Does she hold me accountable?   YEP.  But here's something else......

Above all of that qualification of myself, being around Meg makes me want to be a better person. As much as I have to score and judge and rate and choose on a daily basis, when I'm with Meg, I get to let all of that go. She brings an ease to life and a sweetness to my world that reminds me of home.

Years ago I was transitioning from one "gig" to another and it also required moving cities. The ladies at one of my accounts gave me a "going away" gift which was the book "Life is not work - work is not life."  I cried when I read the title and they crowded around me so customers wouldn't see me in that moment. When I'm with Meg I'm able to forget "work" and enjoy "life."

In life, I've found  myself working round the clock only to answer to e-commerce systems that DICK-tate who I am, when I'm there and when I can be present for me and for my friends.  This is probably as raw as I've ever been in spoken work (I only hope I don't go back and edit). I'm somewhat sad at losing person-to-person interaction, friendship, and love. I was having a text chat today that was getting nowhere so I told the person "I'll call you and I'll begin with an apology myself if we can just talk."  It made everything better.  AND YES - I APOLOGIZED. 

Mama Meg, I adore you. I love our friendship. I thank you for our friendship.  You have somehow held my vision with me and you insisted that I be my best and bring my best (and dancing once in a while).  You put wind in  my sails when I didn't think I had another breath in me. 

I love our friendship and I love you to the moon and back.

Yours in Beauty - Billy 

(Trooth be toad). 

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