Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Red Carpet Hair Styling Kit from Gloss & Toss Products - Beverly Hills Hair Brand

Red Carpet Hair - Celebrity Beauty in Hollywood

Los Angeles is full of  excitement this Awards Season with movie "nods," head-to-toe beauty (and red carpet hair tips), and so much more.  What's not to be missed?  From SWAG bags to step and repeat photos, and the anticipation of who actually won, it's non stop action (and helicopters all night long).  And on top of all of that excitement will be the follow up photos in your favorite magazines dishing who showed up, who wore what, and how it was done.

How to Get Red Carpet Hair:

Lights, Camera, Action.  But how is it done?  How does one season "wrangle" so many people together and who keeps them looking so Glossy?  Well, Gloss & Toss® Hair Care is proud to launch the first ever Red Carpet Hair Styling Essentials Toolbox.  While we know that's a mouthful, it just about covers everything we wanted it to be including 7 amazing items from our brand in a really cool carrying case made for Gloss & Toss Hair Products brand.  I've had the honor of working many of those red carpet  events and the days move so quickly and usually begin at 5:00A.M.  It's no wonder hair starts losing shape or makeup needs a little TLC by early afternoon or evening.

The Red Carpet Rescue Hair Styling Kit is available now online and includes:  

7 of our amazing hair care products, styling tip cards, and a great carrying case.
  • Daily Nourish Shampoo & Conditioner Duo
  • Prep leave-in conditioner
  • Shine - our signature blow-dry serum
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Flex-Spray Versatile Hairspray with ProVitamin B5
  • Detangle Brush - Our Detangle and Multi-Purpose Hair Brush

We'll be bringing more info along and along so hold onto those tresses and keep those heels ready for the red carpet.  

Stay tuned for more details and our upcoming GLOSS & TOSS GIRL MEMBERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES.