Friday, September 08, 2017

Media Training and Hosting Workshops Los Angeles - Great for Enhancing Confidence and Self Esteem

Media training helps encourage self esteem and minimizes impact of stage fright
Public Speaking or getting on stage can be extremely frightening to many people. "Stage fright," for some, never goes away.  But are there things we can do to strengthen some basic skills that allow us to be comfortable in our skin when we are faced with those moments of being in the spotlight?

A Media Day can help strengthen people skills, trust, team building, self confidence, decision making and so much more.  But just like being the new kid in school or perhaps your first day of wearing braces, the impact and perhaps the nervousness is a lot greater on the first experience. An experienced speaker, presenter or event host may tell you that after a while, the audience begins to feel like family.  The more "real" a presenter can make the speaking or hosting experience, the more authentic and natural it will become.  Uncertainty or nervousness can lead to lack of clarity and it's why many speakers or presenters fumble over their words or seem
lost in their own content.  A presenter can know the content inside and out but if a strong relationship with the stage hasn't been established or learned, it can affect the overall delivery and outcomes.

Media training and speaking workshops can be as simple or advanced as the classroom attendees allow or feel comfortable with. Basic media day workshop exercises and warm-ups can be as simple
Schedule a Media training day with Billy Lowe for a true Hollywood experience and learning opportunity
Billy Lowe is a season regular on the
Hallmark Home and Family Show
as attendees standing at the back of the room, and each person carrying one item to the front of the room and placing on a podium or lectern (or other target).   Immediately following that simple exercise, the media trainer may shift the structure immediately onto a different exercise or idea rather than staying in a potentially uncomfortable exercise wake.

An impactful media training day should be at least half a day and a full day is ideal because it allows for more exercises and outcome opportunities.  To schedule a media training day with Billy Lowe, or perhaps another related workshop like enhancing self esteem and self confidence, please visit the following link for Lowe's professional speaker bio and information:

Billy Lowe is a celebrity hair stylist, television host and media personality based in Los Angeles, CA.  He has a B.A. from Asbury College and has spoken at events and trade shows nationwide. As a leader in health and beauty sales and marketing leadership, he has been responsible for global product launches, celebrity driven events, on-air appearances and content development, and other brand/people building events.  Schedule a Media Training event with Billy Lowe to receive true Hollywood experiences and information.