Sunday, August 20, 2017

Makeover events Los Angeles - Plan a makeover as part of your next activity or event

Planning your next special events in Los Angeles or Southern California? 

Perhaps a makeover party would be the ticket. Or maybe you'd like to nominate someone for a makeover for a lifetime achievement or a simple "pamper me" day in the Beverly Hills area. Is your company planning a year end "employee of the year" celebration and you're wondering what to give? Better yet, let us plan a makeover retreat or weekend for you or bring the red carpet to you, wherever you are.

When it comes to experiential marketing in Los Angeles, my team and I have had the great opportunity to roll out the red carpet for many exciting events from product launches to trade shows, consumer engagements and community activities.  I've even had the great fortune (some may say.....) to work on 30+ episodes of a reality makeover show so I've seen all of the ins and outs of bringing beauty to life in all sorts of events.  And yes, we've just about planned it all.   From $10,000 makeover events in NYC to Hollywood backstage passes and spa VIP treatments, we've got the connections here to make your visit or experience an exciting one.

Makeover events are exciting for any of the following opportunities:

  • A celebration or accomplishment
  • A "Pamper Me" party weekend
  • A prize give-away
  • A corporate event
  • Friends get-away
and more.  Makeovers can be fun and they can be for everyone. Visit for more information about booking a makeover in Los Angeles and we look forward to rolling out the red carpet for you.