Friday, May 20, 2016

Gelsons West Hollywood | Gloss and Toss hair serum

Gelson's West Hollywood is now carrying Gloss & Toss hair serum. We are super excited about all of the progress over the past couple of years and especially today to be featured in one of Southern California's most prominent grocers.  

Gloss & Toss now available at Gelson's Supermarkets

Available at the following Gelson's locations to date (more to come soon)

  • Gelson's West Hollywood
  • Gelson's Westlake Village
  • Gelson's Santa Monica

Monday, May 02, 2016

Should I tip my hair stylist if they own the salon???

OK - Let me debunk this horrible myth. Since I own my own practice, I get asked this all of the time at the end of a transaction whether or not the client should tip.  I say yes!  

Clients who don't tip the business owner/stylist are a rare breed but let me explain why this misconception even got started. YEARS ago when salons were larger and hired tons of hair stylists, the salon owner/stylist made money hand over fist, taking 40%, 50% or even more from their beauty operators. These commission splits helped offset expenses (rent, supplies, salaries, etc) and there became an unwritten idea that you don't tip Your hair stylist if they own the salon. In cases like yesteryear there is some validity (however we always appreciate our generous tippers). Today, the map of salon ownership and freelancing has completely changed with more and more people working independently. 20-30% of my annual income comes from gratuities and we rely on those gratuities immensely. Our scissors alone can cost $500 or more and with today's hair color and other supply costs rising, these expenses come right out of our own pockets (not the salon owner). Think about those great shampoos, those fabulous little extras that your salon owner throws you from time to time. BE GENEROUS. BE A GRACIOUS GIVER. It always comes back to you. Let me clarify,,, this doesn't mean just leave a tip to the salon owner at random,,, it's to clarify any questions on whether or not you should tip your hairstylist if they own the salon or their own business. Dedicated to all of my colleagues around the world. Billy Lowe.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Amy Smart shops Cruelty Free | Gloss and Toss Leaping Bunny Certified

Amy Smart Hair by Billy Lowe & Gloss & Toss

Amy Smart shops Cruelty Free.   It's not every day that we see or hear the support from leading Hollywood experts on Cruelty Free campaigns.  Amy Smart is one of the latest sharing her voice and thoughts about cruelty-free shopping and why it's so important.  I'm thrilled to align with Leaping Bunny myself in that Gloss & Toss is Leaping Bunny certified, aligning with countless other brands who stand by no animal testing in their developments.  Not only is the "end product" not tested on animals, but the labs, vendors, and suppliers must also comply with no animal testing and cruelty-free production in the every step of the process.
When I developed Gloss & Toss, I knew I wanted to stand by the "no animal testing" philosophy.  What I've learned is that over the years, most things have been tested on animals - even water, right? But the continued use of products and ingredients to be tested on animals is cruel and so unnecessary anymore. 

For more information on brands that are Leaping Bunny certified, simply log onto for  more information.  

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Grammys 2016 hair tips and tools

The Grammys 2016 were awesome this year and amazingly colorful.  From the live video with Gwen Stefani to David Bowie tributes by Lady Gaga - the screen looked more like color smatterings from Alice in Wonderland or Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  Hair rocked as always from amazing wigs and hats to new and shorter styles ranging from sleek and sophisticated to choppy bobs.  The look:  EASY TO ACHIEVE.

We're seeing a lot of shoulder length hair with a more "distressed" looking curl and flat ends.  To get this look, all you need is a curling iron, flat iron, and a few products.  

Shampoo & condition hair as you normally would, apply Gloss & Toss shine serum (available at as well as Amazon), blow-dry smooth and prep hair for curls.  Wrap hair only through the mid-sections and leave ends out.  This will give a nice wave or undulation effect through he middle of the hair.  When that's done - tap the ends of the hair with a flat-iron.   Careful not to keep too much heat on the ends.  It's just a quick tap for the relaxed effect through to the ends.

Finish as desired whether adding cushion to the crown, or scrunching through with styling creams or additional Gloss & Toss hair serum.     VOILA.  

Check out the video above as seen on KCAL NEWS AT NOON here in Los Angeles.   We hope you like the look.

Billy Lowe & team.

Monday, February 01, 2016


SAG AWARDS 2016 - Four Seasons Gift Bags includes Gloss & Toss hair serum.

Well another awards show is over and I'm coming down off of a long weekend of fun, excitement, and more.  it's not that often that opportunities like this come along, but my brand GLOSS & TOSS was asked to participate in the Four Seasons SAG Awards Gift Bags for "room-drops" and celebrities and press staying there during the 2016 SAG AWARDS.  Press releases went out this weekend and we were included in the story and magazines, news publications and other media outlets across the country picked up the excitement.

We were included among many of other A-List products in these amazing gift bags and celebrities are already talking.  Last year the NATIONAL EXAMINER covered us in a Mother's Day Give-Away Bonanza and this year they received the gift bags as well as a host of other celebrities and VIP's.  If you look at my post from a couple of days ago, there's a full list of everyone who received these coveted gift bags while here in Los Angeles.  Thank you Hollywood Swag Bag for including us - we are thrilled and excited.  

We always wish to thank the press for covering us so graciously.


Yours in beauty


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hallmark Home and Family Show with Billy Lowe discussing Face Shapes

FACE SHAPES:   I am always thrilled to appear on the HALLMARK HOME AND FAMILY SHOW and was able to work with the amazing Debbie Metanopolous in discussing face shapes and their significance in a hair cut.  Does it really matter?   Which cut is really right for you?  
Check out the video beLOWE and learn more.  Don't forget that a person's lifestyle is just as important as that "perfect cut."  The perfect cut is not so "perfect" if it's challenging to work with for the client.  Enjoy the segment.  

Be sure to top off your style or "do" with Gloss & Toss hair serum.  You'll love the results and hair will feel silky smooth - without seeming weighed down.  

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Gloss and Toss in Four Seasons Hotel SAG Awards Gift Bags for room-drop


I am truly honored to have my brand Gloss & Toss chosen for The Four Seasons Hotel SAG Awards Nominees gift bags being delivered to their rooms.     Celebrities and press attending the 2016 SAG Awards and receiving these bags include:

1. Cate Blanchett 
2. Saoirse Ronan 
3. Leonardo DiCaprio 
4. Tom Hardy 
5. Will Poulter 
6. Lucas Haas 
7. Domhnall Gleeson 
8. Maggie Smith 
9. Mark Ruffalo 
10. Ariel Winter 
11. Dot Jones 
12. Johnny Depp 
13. Eddie Redmayne 
14. Jacob Tremblay 
15. Helen Mirren
16. Kate Winslet 
17. Stanley Tucci 
18. Paul Giamatti 
19. Queen Latifah 
20. Peter Dinklage 
21. Viola Davis 
22. Julia Louis Dreyfus 
23. Michelle Dockery 
29. Home Business Magazine
30. The National Examiner
31. David Levy President Turner Broadcasting
32. Brie Larson
33. Tina Fey
34. Priyanka Chopra
35. Todd Chrisley
36. Sam Neil
37. Adepero Oduye
38. Nicolas Sparks
39. Michael Stulberg
40. Anthony Mackie
41. John Bradley
42. Liam Cunningham
43. Aiden Gillen
44. Kit Harrington
45. Hannah Murray
46. Alfie Evan Allen
47. Michiel Huisman
48. Iwan Rheon
49. Carice Van Houten
50. Tom Wlaschiha

We know they're all going to love walking away with celebrity shiny hair thanks to GLOSS & TOSS SHINE SERUM.  We look forward to the next events.  

Thursday, January 21, 2016

5 signs that you are damaging your hair!

ARE YOU DAMAGING YOUR HAIR?  We often forget basic day-to-day CARE for our hair.  We lead busy lives and get caught up in our schedules and goings on that our hair takes a beating.  From pony tails to abrupt drying, there are some signs that you are not taking care of your hair in the best possible way.   Here they are.

1.  Breakage around the hairline or at the occipital area.  Too many people pull hair back in a quick ponytail and often pull too taught.  This tension can cause breakage around the face line as well as the occipital area - especially if you aren't using the right hair ties.  I recommend padded hair ties and keeping less tension throughout.

2.  Fading or uneven tones.  If you're in the sun a lot or exposed to elements, it's important to use the right products, tools and services for your hair to prevent fading and damage.  Products with sunflower help protect against UV exposure, and conditioning masks and serums help protect natural hair color as well as professionally color treated hair.  Uneven tones can also come from DIY hair color or "over the counter" applications.  Clients attempt at-home hair color and application can be uneven or spotty in areas they can't see or reach.  Additionally, too many clients pull color through incorrectly or too long and color oversaturated through the ends causing color to be too dark on the ends.

3.  Easily tangled hair.  Clients often go to bed with wet hair  or without brushing and hair becomes knotted in various areas of the head.  This is often seen in the nape area.  It's always best to braid hair or put up before bed to prevent tangles and tugging during the night.  Satin (or softer material) pillowcases are also available to help with this.

4.  Dry, brittle looking hair.  Unhealthy looking hair is very obvious.  It's no secret that many people use too much heat on their hair either through blow-drying or other styling hot tools.  Give your hair a break once in a while.  It's also helpful to add a conditioning treatment with your salon professional several times a year to keep hair looking its best.  There are also many wonderful at-home products that you can purchase from your salon professional to use on your own.  Don't overdo it.  Over conditioning can be just as unhealthy for hair as a lack of conditioning treatments.  DON'T SMOKE.  Smoke builds up in hair and affects the life and luster of the finished product.

5.  Hair loss.  There are many contributing factors to hair loss that clients have shared with me through the years and some that I have experienced hearing from medical or other industry experts.  Stress, diet, child birth, hormonal changes and so forth all affect hair loss just as much as lack of care.  Women that have just given birth often experience breakage around the hairline and turn to nutritional supplements pre & post pregnancy to keep hair & nail strong.    The first thing I encourage  is to consult a medical professional.  They can help answer any questions you may have on a medical level.  Personally, I believe in the old commercial "Milk does a body good."   I think it's good for our hair, skin, teeth and bones.   I have had many clients throughout the years who are professional athletes and their body fat count is so low that it affects the strength of their hair. In many of my beauty consultations, I ask people if they drink milk and the ones that DO - usually have the healthiest looking skin and hair.

As always, before DIY efforts, I recommend consulting your salon professional (or medical professional if needed) to research your concerns.  Take it easy on your hair.  It's not just a thing of beauty, our hair helps protect and it's one of our greatest "accessories."  You can't put it away at the end of the day (unless it's a hair piece).  All humor aside, if you are experiencing any of these signs, chances are - your hair is damaged and you need some help.

Yours in beauty,


Monday, January 18, 2016

Which hair cut is right for my face shape?

WHICH HAIR CUT IS RIGHT FOR MY FACE SHAPE?    We might also ask - Which hair STYLE is right for my face shape.    Oval, Square, Pear, Heart, does it even matter?  

Yes there are some basic rules of "symmetry" (I like to say flattery) that we should keep in mind. In the illustrations beLOWE - please see some basic ideas of where hair should be cut, or an idea of the direction your hair should take based on a few of these face shapes.

Renderings by Billy Lowe to share style/cut ideas. 
HEART:  You probably have a full forehead area and a pointed, elongated chin area.   Side swept bangs work very well, and fullness around the jawline.

SQUARE:   You probably have full jawline and forehead area.  You're looking for softness throughout so ask for ROUND LAYERS.

ROUND:    Full features throughout.  You're looking for length, contour, softness.   Avoid "the bob" hair cut as this will make everything look more round.

PEAR:       Full jawline area, smaller forehead area.     You will do well with contouring around the jawline, long/seamless layers and fullness in the crown for more elevation and roundness.

I hope these quick tips help you and that you'll continue tuning into the Hallmark Home and Family Show for lots of great tips and techniques and always a fun lively cast.

If you'd like to book an appointment for cut or color, please visit me online at

Follow me on Instagram @billylowe90210 or on twitter @billylowe

Monday, November 09, 2015

My Life Coach - "Mama June"

We all need a mentor.  We all need a coach.  To me that means having someone to take me by the hand, and walk me through experiences I couldn't have done (or known about) on my own.  It means someone who has already walked through the coals and wants to show me a shortcut to save me some time, or potential harm to myself or others.  It means having someone who knows something a bit more than I do who can impart wisdom, guidance and direction.  It also means having someone to push me beyond what I thought I was capable of doing.   I am lucky enough to have such a person in my life and had the chance to visit her this weekend.  

Many years ago my father pastored a church in a small southern community in Georgia.  Daddy had his hands full with 6 of us kids at home, my mom who could barely keep up with laundry, cooking, cleaning, and "the daily grind."   And while things probably got a little overwhelming at times, we kids were never made to feel that we were a burden.  Daddy had a full time job working here or there in his  trade, and ministered to this small country church on Sundays and Wednesdays, and whatever else needed to be done like visiting the sick or praying for those in need.  On the weekends there was usually a little auto-repair that needed tending to and daddy always loved to tinker around in the yard.

When we moved to South Georgia, I didn't really have a clue as to how to play piano and at the time could probably play a deluxe version of Chop Sticks or Amazing Grace in a very "Boom Chuck" sort of way.  To those of you that aren't musicians that basically means BONG BONG BONG on the piano and you're singing along with all the gonging.

The church was full of excitement each and every Sunday.  Our days and lives were enhanced during those years and I believe we came together as a family so strongly.  There was a greater sense of "community" than any other place we had lived and since it was such a small community everyone knew one another.  The center of town (a sleepy community with one traffic light) was the little convenience store on the main highway. Every morning the farmers and local workers would meet up "At Axson" for a "sodee water"  (a soda of some kind).  The main work there was tobacco, chicken houses and forestry.

When we moved there I was entering my 10th grade year and the school was full of excitement, extracurricular activities, and groups for this or that.  I found myself drawn to our literary competitions such as music, extemporaneous speaking, debate teams, etc.   I thought I would enter the piano competitions for young boys (with my Boom Chuck experience mind you) and find my footing in the school.  I remember auditioning for the librarian with an old church song, plucking out the chords as hard as I could.  Little did I know she was looking for a Bach prelude or a Schubert Impromptu.  My parents received a call some days later from the librarian saying "Now we don't want Billy to be hurt - but we aren't sure he's quite ready for something like this."    Well if you know me - those are fighting words.

Not knowing what to do, I obviously recognized what I knew wasn't quite enough so I started some proper training.  While this wasn't my first piano lesson in the world - it was definitely time for some in depth training and proper studying.  So I began studying with a local pianist who used to play for the Billy Graham Crusade - and I think she could tell this was going to take a lot of work.  Between being new in South Geotrgia, trying to make new friends, and trying to "fit into" the world of literary music, I had my hands full.

A certain lady in our church was quite involved in our community.  Not only was she a local high school teacher, she was very involved with the church and totally had her hands in the pot.  She was known for cracking a strong whip - especially if she believed in you.  I remember drawing close to this dear lady and she sort of took me under her wing.   Wait, I take that back.  She actually sat on me.  ;-)     (Yes, I'm entitled to use smileys in my blog!).  Many people saw her as overly opinionated or demanding.  I just knew her as a strong caring woman whose world I wanted to be part of.  The school knew her as Ms. Mullis, our church knew her as Ms. June, but I lovingly came to know her as MAMA JUNE.   A lady who would have the most impact on my life in so many ways.

Some time later, I learned that even the strongest people in the world can suffer heartache and hurt.  Mama June, so strong in our community, so confident in her work, and so caring in our church lost her son.  I think sometimes that I was placed in her world so she could experience continued caring for her son, to distract some of the heartache, as I, too, had experienced some losses earlier in my childhood.  Thus - the journey of friendship began and she became a mentor/coach to me for all the things I was working on.

I remember Mama June telling me that learning something  would not be easy.  In this case - she was referring to my piano studies.  There were days when my hands ached from practice and I remember her voice saying "You have to do it again and again and again - and when it hurts - you do it some more."  I went on to win first place regionals that year in our boys piano contests and placed 3rd in the state of Georgia.    We repeated those same successes the next go round as well (I was 4th in Georgia the second time).

A few years later, and many proud senior high school moments, I had already begun preparations for college attendance.  When I was filling out my college application I remember asking Mama June for a letter of recommendation.   "What are you doing?"  she asked.   "Applying for college and I need a recommendation."


I heard the brakes slam, the horn blow and I could envision her getting out of the car with a bullhorn.

"You're not filling out an application son - we're submitting a portfolio of your work!"  Oh heavens - what had I gotten myself into.  At the time, I didn't have a clue as to how to package or brand "Billy Lowe."  I didn't know a thing about presentation and I was rusty (at best) in presenting myself.    She guided me through the process of making copies of everything I had done, every piano contest, tons of job recommendations, tons of personal recommendations, and copies of every high school report card.  Copies of newspaper articles were a plenty, and certainly my own bio/essay as to why I would make a great college candidate.   The portfolio was easily 40-50 pages thick.  One lick of the stamp - and off she went.

My parents prayed, the church prayed, Mama June prayed.  And before you know it, I was holding a letter in my hands from Asbury College in Wilmore, KY.  ACCEPTED.   And since 1989, I have only seen Mama June once or twice over the past 20-25 years.

This past Sunday, November 9, 2015 - I got to see Mama June once again. The old country church where my father used to pastor had its annual homecoming.   She's still as active as ever and her love and care have grown even more.  When I got there the pastor asked me to play piano for the service so of course I opened with worship songs that the church would know and Mama June was soon standing by my side giving me a big hug.  Excited to see her, I basically broke from the music, which I never do, to let her know what she meant to me.   The service was wonderful with special singers for the day, and my father delivered the homecoming sermon.  After service there was the typical pot luck lunch and I ate all the southern cooking I could stand.   Sweet tea, Brunswick stew, green bean casserole - yes folks - it's all true.  Southern food is truly the best.

As the day wrapped, I went to find Mama June one last time.  I gave her a big hug and told her of all the wonderful ways she had impacted my life.  The confidence she had given and the grace she taught me are things I'll never be able to say thank you enough for.   While she may not have physically been there, I often heard her voice in my head and paths on which she taught me to walk.  It was the sweetest moment for ME, to get to hold her hands and say thank you.

So if you have a mentor, a life coach, a teacher or simply a friend, don't miss a single moment to say thank you for what they've done.  And for heavens' sake - don't wait 25 years like I did.

Yours in beauty and gratitude,


Saturday, November 07, 2015

Hair Salons in Charlotte, NC | Hair Stylist Charlotte

Hair Salons in Charlotte, Hair Stylist in Charlotte:

Every other month, I'm super excited to visit Charlotte North Carolina where I see clients for cut & color services.  Known as "The Queen City" this amazing town is home to some of the finest food, culture, people, and opportunities.

I love The Queen City and certainly enjoy all of my time there on the east coast.  As a Georgia native, North Carolina is not far from home.

If you're looking for great cut & color services, would like to host a hair party event, or perhaps you know someone you'd like to refer - we look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon.

The team of Billy Lowe - Beverly Hills, CA

Billy Lowe is an elite talent responsible for creating extraordinary beauty on and off the red carpet.  We look forward to working with you and hearing from you soon.  

Big Kid - Adult Gymnastics Athens, GA


Adult Gymnastics Athens, GA

So I don't know if you know this about me or not - but as a kid, I was a total monkey.  We grew up with a trampoline and I was the BEST on our block at flips, tricks, and jumping the highest.  In 5th grade I started tumbling on the mats and could eventually do round-offs, back handsprings, the bar, and of course, my beloved trampoline.

It was nothing for dad to come home from work and find me in a tree, on top of the house, or swinging from the high-rope in a barn next to our house.  While I live in Beverly Hills, CA, I recently visited my sister in Athens, GA where she takes one of her boys to gymnastics lessons.  It really helps kids (and everyone for that matter) become "body-conscious" and "body assured"  (and gets all that energy out so they're nice and tired for their afternoon naps)  HELLO MAMA-BREAK.

When it was time for the kids and parents to warm up for their morning class, my sister encouraged me to warm up too.  We warmed up on the floor doing light stretching and easy-to-learn moves for the little ones,  and then moved onto some other conditioning exercises.  If you've never been on a gymnastics floor it's the most amazing and comfortable thing.  I wish the earth's floor felt that good.  THEN - we moved to the trampoline exercises (I won't show you that video) but it felt super nice to be flying high again on a bouncing mat, doing back flips and tucks.

AFTER the day's lesson (mind you I haven't taken a gymnastics lesson in almost 10 years at the time of this writing) it was a free for all and of course, the big kid in me wanted to jump into the cushion foam pool.  "GO GO GO"    EVERYONE around me was laughing along.   The above video is the result of a long exercise and gymnastics day, and me returning to the floor - at 40 something years of age.     Care to try it with me next time?

Thank you sis and of course Georgia Elite Gymnastics for making me feel 15 again.  

Yours in beauty (and in health),

Billy Lowe

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Selling it in the ATL | Sarah Lowe Real Estate Buckhead Atlanta

Billy Lowe & Sarah Lowe - Dynamic Duo Always

Selling it in the ATL:   For many years I've worked as a celebrity hair stylist for production and the red carpet.  From reality shows to news segments, press events and product launches, I've just about seen it all.   I can't be more proud of my baby sister for landing her own reality show as many years as I've worked in this industry.  So if you're looking for real estate in Atlanta - call Sarah Lowe.  

Atlanta has certainly changed over the years especially compared to my years there from 1994-1998. I lived in hot Midtown and had a gorgeous apartment overlooking Piedmont Park, and later an apartment at 11th and Peachtree.  Today, the city has completely grown on top of itself.  Maybe Los Angeles has helped me broaden my vision but I don't remember Atlanta being as "chic" as it is today. Perhaps I was simply unaware.

Nonetheless - you'll want to tune into WE TV to catch this new real estate show featuring my sister Sarah Lowe.

And if you're reading about me for the first time, be sure to check out my website for more info, as well as my hair care line Gloss & Toss.      Congrats to all the ladies of Selling it in the ATL.   GO GET 'EM.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ways to save water - California Drought

It's no secret that California is in trouble.  From water saving tips to "California Gold" campaigns, Californians are aware that we need to do something.  No one uses more water than hair stylists.  From shampoos to treatments, even washing our mixing bowls I see so much water waste not just at home, but in the salon as well.   With these great tips, who better than salon professionals to educate clients and partner with California's missions and messaging to conserve water.  

  1. When you need hot water, use faucets closest to your hot water heater.   Hot water has less distance to travel in this manner and you waste less water waiting for it to reach you.  
  2. Remind yourself and your family.  Use a note system at your water sources to stay water-wise.   
  3. Turn water pressure down whenever possible.  
  4. Turn off water while brushing your teeth or saving.  This is extremely helpful in all instances.  
  5. While waiting on shower water to heat up, save running water in a large pitcher and use for other things like watering plants or lawn, or even basic household cleaning.  
  6. Make it fun.  Come up with a strategy with your family or friends to celebrate the idea of conserving water rather than making it a chore.  People are motivated by vision, goals, or fun ideas.  Brainstorm with your family or friends to find out what THEY are doing to conserve water and participate in the needs today.  
  7. Find out what your kids know and learn from them.  Today, more and more schools are teaching kids recycling, conservation methods, etc.   
  8. Three Minute Thursdays (Or other such idea).  Take 1 or 2 days per week and make them your "focus days."  Find ways to conserve whether it's military shower methods, or simply cutting down time in the shower, running less water for the bath, etc.  
  9. Dry Shampoos.     Many clients in the salon that have long hair are getting more time in between shampoos by using dry shampoo.  Hair performs better with a little "build-up" and many clients love the texture and feel of their hair a couple of days after an initial shampoo. Using dry shampoos (obviously) uses less water in hair care and helps hair perform and look its best between care.   
  10. A note to salon and beauty professionals - Discard excess chemicals in the trash receptacles rather than washing them down the drain. Disposing of extra chemicals not only requires more water to rinse and wash bowls, but also sends toxic chemicals down the drains and into our water systems.  
  11. Professional hair care is always better than DIY hair care.   DIY hair color is messy, and many clients waste too much water trying to rinse chemicals or color out by themselves.   Salon services are much better and salon professionals are set up for shampooing and cleaning hair in contained areas.  DIY at home often makes a huge mess - requiring excess water for clean up of counter tops, floors or tubs if clients make a mess.  
  12. Cut down on car-wash appointments.  Go every 10-12 days rather than once a week.  Space it out.  
With the much-needed rain this week, it's refreshing that California may finally get some water.  But we should all do our parts to help with this.  Enjoy and be water-wise.  

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How to look younger with the right hair style | beauty tips | hair tips

How to look younger with the right hair style.

Yes - you can take years away with the right shape, color and professional services and products.  I've always loved the side swept bang and dramatic parts and heavier distribution of hair to one side.  This look on Cameron Diaz is perfect.  WebMD covered some tips I shared on different cuts and styles and while I don't cut a lot of short hair  - this look on Ms. Diaz is "sick."

Sideswept bangs help distract the viewer's eye out and away from some of those "troubled spots" or fine lines and wrinkles.

Soft fringe around the faceline adds texture, dimension and a youthful look without looking too teenage-ish.

Deep parts add sophistication and drama.   My team loves them.

Color, Color Color.  Cover up the grey, add dimension, and lots of shine.    Don't forget your Gloss & Toss for great hair and styling options.

Ask your salon professional for highlights and low-lights to give distance and dimension in the color.  This look is great  and creates a lot of "space" in the color as well as the style.  Use a foil technique only (no base color) to maintain a darker more natural looking root and brighter pieces around the faceline.

If you're in the Los Angeles area, please call for a hair appointment and brighten up your color or add some dimension.  Also find us at salons in westlake village