Monday, April 17, 2017

Billy Lowe Embarrassing Moments

The time I entered a high school talent competition for black students (and won 2nd place)!

2nd place win in 1987 
Yes it's true - I trained in classical piano performance and today I am a hair stylist.

OK, OK, yes it's true - I have MANY embarrassing moments.  Chief among these is the time I entered a high school talent competition for black students in central Georgia.  Not only did I not realize the (obvious) criteria, I WON SECOND PLACE OUT OF HUNDREDS OF STUDENTS.

We moved around a lot when I was a kid. My K-12 admissions records look more like a US Tour than a solid educational foundation.  My parents are divorced and my father's work took us here and there, and it seems like every year I was the new kid all over again and sometimes twice a year. I think most people that know me realize that I grew up in a church environment so I began playing piano at a very young age, and using that as an excuse to get out of the house, find a quiet space somewhere (and in something) other than being at home.  I took formal piano lessons throughout some of those years, and eventually began competing in high school on a regional and statewide level.  Handel, Prokofiev, Hayden, Kabalevsky, oh they were all my best friends.  And the more I progressed the more practice time that was required.  This was a great "escape" for me and I learned to use it to my many advantages.  I learned structure and flexibility all in one instrument and I learned some great negotiating skills as well.  I learned structure to play the pieces as they should be played and flexibility in knowing that my fingers, my mind, and my processing abilities were all different than anyone else's and it was up to me to figure out how I would bring notes on a page to life.  The negotiation part?  Well if I was to win the next (fill in the blank) or perform at the  next (fill in the blank) then I'd need more practice time and that meant,,,,,,,,,,,, drum roll,,,,,,,, GETTING OUT OF THE HOUSE.

When I began competing, I wasn't quite sure what I was in for and I certainly wasn't groomed in many of the formalities of performance.  Do I announce my piece to the audience or just to the judges.  Do I stand up and bow in between performance pieces or sit still and prepare for the next? What do I wear?  You get the picture. But one talent showcase stands out quite distinctly.  In my Junior year of high school, there was a central Georgia talent showcase announced at our high school and I think out of the entire list of registration details the only things I saw were TALENT, COMPETITION, AND NAME.  That's it - I was signed up.

My Aunt Shirley with me after my win.
One of my biggest family supporters has always been my Aunt Shirley (my father's sister). She was always as proud of my accomplishments as anyone else and I may as well have been one of her own children.  She seemed to carry an invisible sign on her smile that said "I'm with Billy."  So she took me to this particular talent showcase that I had somehow signed up  (and been approved) for.  I dressed my best and can't even remember what I played, perhaps a Debussy piece?  But let me set the stage here.  This was the 80's, in central Georgia and the high school I attended at the time was 8 or 9 percent white (we now say Caucasian).  The majority was not white.

As we arrived and took our seats to be greeted by judges and officials of the event and soon divided into our competing categories, Aunt Shirley took a calm yet restless look around the room.  With one sharp jab to my ribs with her elbow she exclaimed in my ear:

"Billy!  Billy!  We are the only white people in here!"

"Shhhhhh!"  I whispered back to her.  "It's fine."

"I think were in the wrong place!"  Aunt Shirley insisted.   "We can't stay here I think you wrote down the wrong address."

As it turned out, my name was indeed on the roster amongst all of the other young competing students in their talent categories.  And as the evening wrapped and we all assembled once again, ribbons, certificates and trophies were given to the top 10 talent placements.  That countdown seemed like a goal completely out of reach because with every name called that wasn't yours, there was a slight hope that the next one would be, yet a realization that getting closer to 1 narrowed your chances.

And then, I heard it, yet I didn't, yet I did, yet I didn't.

"Second place talent demonstrating classical piano performance Mr. Billy Lowe."  

And that's all I heard that evening as well amidst, as is doubtless, many wonderful announcements and judging criteria, or perhaps meet and greets after the event.  To Aunt Shirley and me, nothing mattered but that trophy and my placement amongst a sea of other students.

The following week, Monday morning school preparation came around as usual and the Vice Principal gave his usual morning announcements at which time I sat up in my chair and wanted to crawl under the table at the same time.,

"We'd like to congratulate Mr. Billy Lowe for his excellent demonstration in classical piano performance this past week,,,,,"

My classmates turned around  to give me thumbs up and kudos and of course I sat all the more tall.  High school students love hearing their names announced (mostly) especially when it comes to an accomplishment.

"Yes that's right!"  The Vice Principal continued.  "Mr. Billy Lowe represented us very well in the 1987 young black student talent showcase winning 2nd place with his musical accomplishments! Moving on now to the pep rally this friday,,,,,,,,,,"

Yes, one of my finest moments.  Better yet, I have the trophy (and the photos) to prove it.  Billy Lowe wins second place in the 1987 young black student talent showcase.  A fine moment indeed.  Still I continue in my love for music playing here or there, studying when I can, and certainly reflecting back on some great memories.

Oh.  The lesson here?  Read your sign up sheets (and criteria) closely.  And enjoy some of these fun photos of my other piano sightings through the years.

Yours truly,

Billy Lowe
Hollywood Hair Stylist
Founder of Gloss & Toss  Hair Care

Billy Lowe 3rd place GA Statewide Boys Classical Piano 1986

Billy Lowe in studio (just for fun) Los Angeles, CA

Billy Lowe at Doppler Studios Atlanta, GA (Photo Jason Meek)

Billy Lowe at the Liberace piano - Beverly Hills, CA

Friday, March 24, 2017

Best Hair Tips in Humid Weather - Fight Frizz and Humidity

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Fight frizzy hair at with our signature hair serum, leave in conditioner, and versatile hairspray.

With a few hair tips you can fight frizz and poofy hair in humid weather and reduce the effects of humidity in your beauty routine.

For many people, humidity is a friend to their hair or overall beauty ritual.  For most, it's absolutely dreadful.  The thick, heavy air, the dampness on the skin, and the gradual swelling of hair until it's out of control "big hair."  Do not pass go, do not collect $200, run straight away to your nearest beauty counter and lacquer down baby.  The tornado just touched down in Kansas.

So what's the big fuss?  Well it depends on your hair type and it largely depends on what you're used to.  If you're accustomed to humidity, many people throw their hands up and say "this is just what it is."  If not, you're probably ready to throw on a baseball cap and have a ponytail sort of day.  So let's start with a few thoughts.

Curly or wavy hair.  Many people with curly or wavy hair LOVE humid weather conditions and they rarely use a brush or comb.  They often enjoy the fullness and relaxed look and feel and for once, something is working for them and not against them.  With a little styling cream, a scrunching application and perhaps a light hold spray, they're off and ready in a flash.  But if they are looking for a straight, smooth, blown-out result, humidity can definitely affect the results.


For thicker fuller  hair, humidity is often so dreadful.  These clients not only have a lot of hair but they are faced with the time it takes to style, the heat while styling, and the effects of heat and humidity afterwards.  For this hair type it's either a shorter hair style or the never-ending ponytail or messy bun just to keep hair off the neck and shoulders to keep the body cool.

When your body heats up, you may perspire which will throw your whole hair and makeup application into a tailspin.  So here are some quick tips no matter your hair type to keep you cool, to keep the sweat off the brow, and to speed up your style efforts.

1.  WORK QUICKLY.  Blow-dry your hair loosely and quickly at first just to remove the moisture.  Use a cool shot as needed to keep yourself cool.

2.  BLOW-DRY HAIR IN UPSIDE DOWN MANNER.  This keeps heat off of neck and shoulders and keeps body cooler.

3.  TAKE A SEAT.  If you need to, take a seat while you style your hair.  It will help you stay relaxed and maybe a little cooler.

4.  WORK IN AN OPEN AREA.  There's nothing worse than a matchbox bathroom with the steam from the shower on the windows and the hair dryer going at the same time.  Yuck.  Work in an open and ventilated area to keep your body cool.

5.  PRODUCTS TO USE:  It wouldn't be a post here without a few Gloss & Toss Hair Product suggestions so here they are.

Prep - lightweight leave in conditioner and detangler to smooth hair and add strength/shine.

Shine - hair serum to speed up your blow-dry time or provide a "wash and go" look

Flex Spray - Versatile styling hairspray with Provitamin B5 for strength and shine.  This spray also helps resist moisture and humidity effects on the hair.  All available online.

I hope you've enjoyed these tips and that you have gorgeous hair results this season and beyond.

Billy Lowe
Hair Stylist & Gloss & Toss Founder

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Welcome to Hollywood Hair and a Dose of Gloss & Toss Beauty

Celebrity Hair Stylist Billy Lowe is a Los Anglees based hair stylist and the founder of Gloss & Toss hair products delivering the best results for healthy, shiny, radiant looking hair.  From our signature hair serum to our amazing detangle brush, Gloss & Toss hair products are an expansion of Lowe's 20+ years in the health and beauty industries.  

Our mission?  To demystify the world of "Hollywood Beauty" and make hair products, tips, and services available to customers everywhere to achieve gorgeous hair results and more look good - feel good moments.  

This blog shares insights from "behind the scenes" Hollywood beauty and other random thoughts by Lowe and his team whether it's a beauty tip, a red carpet experience, or perhaps a random family recipe or photos from a road trip.  But if you need a great hair volume tip, you'll find that here.  If you're looking for the best hair serum to blow-dry your hair, we definitely know a thing or two about that.  What about tips for hair on your wedding day or perhaps how to plan a fun makeover event for a group of friends? We'll tell all of this and more right here at  

We look forward to sharing this journey of beauty with you and answering your questions and more.  So journey with us on and off the red carpet, in and out of the salon, and through new developments in the Gloss & Toss Hair Care Brand.  We believe there's something for everyone here and in our hair care line and we're excited to bring beauty tips and thoughts to readers just like you no matter where you are.  Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy this site.  

Best Wedding Hair Tips and Healthy Hair on your Wedding Day

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Bridal Hair:  Best hair products and hair tips for your wedding day and hair style ideas from Billy Lowe and Gloss & Toss Hair Products. 

Hair styles and healthy hair for your wedding day have probably been on your mind for quite some time.  But for some reason many clients take their hair and makeup into their own hands and often  You've planned this day (or many of you have) since you were six years old.  Now this article isn't a magic wand trick nor a quick-fix for an overnight catastrophe.  Healthy hair means taking care of your hair (and scalp) on a daily basis, and setting up systems that work for you.  It also means getting in for those routine appointments leading up to your wedding and a few other essentials that we hope will prove to be helpful.  Consider this your Healthy Hair Countdown.

1.  Healthy Hair Countdown might look like this.  If you wanted to grow your hair out (depending on how much), you'll want to start that a year or more ahead of your wedding date.   By 3-6 months out you shouldn't be too far off course for what you're hoping to see on the actual day.  The biggest mistake people make is making major changes to their hair a day or two (or even a week or two) before their wedding day.  Many times brides make a last minute decision to get bangs or to change their hair color right before their wedding and this if often a disaster.  A few months out is a great time to finalize any cut or color changes so you're not doing that a week (or even a day) before your wedding.  Avoid cutting or coloring your hair the day before your wedding.  Hair needs time to relax and heal in order to look its best.  1-2 weeks out is about the right window for those last salon services and MINOR touch-ups to be sure your hair is looking its best. The major work should have been done months in advance to pave the way for the results you want.

2.  Don't self prescribe.  Many times clients and customers visit their favorite retail stores and get lost in the flurry of on-shelf items without consulting their salon professional.  Why would you trust your salon professional with your cut and color services and NOT trust them with your hair products?  Truly it makes sense for customers to trust the person who has a relationship with their hair and understands their hair needs better than anyone.  Trust your salon professional for your hair styling tools, products and other accessories.

3.  Book your wedding hair stylist in advance and be sure to secure a run through appointment as well as a deposit for the actual wedding day services.  So many times people wait until the last minute to book a stylist for their special day.  As fate would have it - the stylist is already  booked out or perhaps on vacation on your special day.  Want to secure the best look for your wedding day?  Ask your salon professional for advice and ask in advance what you should do so you're not left at the last minute pulling ideas together or relying on your bridesmaids to help with your hair.

4.  Create a look-book.  Yes it's perfectly fine to collect ideas and inspirations for your wedding day. This is a fun and exciting opportunity to collect ideas, dream big, plan ahead and see what's possible or not with your hair type or style.  It also gives you an inside scoop of what's happening in the world of wedding hair, makeup, locations, attire, and so forth.  This will be a fun part of your wedding and memory book making and exciting to reflect on years from now.  Add buzz words to your inspirations.  Jot down words you think about or ideas you have so you not only share a visual with your hair stylist or makeup artist, but you're also able to share words you've thought of that actually DESCRIBE what you're seeing.

5. Plan a preview/run through and make it fun.  This is time to play, explore, experiment.  Don't take your run-through so seriously.  It's time for you to make suggestions and to TAKE suggestions.  Not just from the stylist but also friends and family who perhaps know you better than anyone.  Many clients have unrealistic expectations for wedding hair and makeup and I always suggest keeping it simple.  The more natural you look, and the more LIKE YOU that you look, you'll most likely cherish those photos and memories for years to come rather than looking back on photos and saying "What was I thinking?"    (as you hear the record scratch in the background!).

And finally - work with a hair stylist and makeup artist that understands what the camera sees.  People will capture memories - the camera will capture the reality. While there are many great hair stylists and makeup artists out there be sure you're working with someone who understands the camera and what the camera sees.  Tell your hair stylist not to be afraid to "step in" for last looks while everyone is lined up for that perfect shot.  That pesky fly-away hair will ruin your photo for sure.

Suggested hair products for your wedding day from Gloss & Toss:

  1. Dry Shampoo to revive dull or lifeless hair throughout the day and add texture to hair
  2. Detangle Brush to detangle, prep, add volume, and general styling
  3. Flex Spray Versatile Hairspray to keep hair looking its best and in place without feeling sticky, heavy or tacky
  4. Root Lift for added volume and fullness for your hair without falling flat or feeling weighed down

If you're looking for hair and makeup in southern California or you're planning a wedding anywhere at all, our team of talented hair and makeup artists can make this day extra special for you through our years of expertise in wedding hair and makeup and we look forward to working with you.

Please visit is at for more information about your special day, your budget, number of attendees and participants in your wedding, date, time, etc.

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Best Hair Volume Tips | How to get more volume

Hair Volume Tips with Gloss & Toss Root Lift online at:

Also buy Gloss & Toss Root Lift on our Amazon store by visiting:

Hair Volume is KEY when it comes to a full voluminous look.  Whether fullness through the ends or fullness at the root area - clients often love a thicker, fuller "do" in many cases and they don't want hair to fall flat.  Gloss & Toss Root Lift is a great product to give volume to your hair style or blow-out and helps create a thicker, fuller look and feel that stays and doesn't feel sticky or fall flat.

Using a teasing brush or comb, take 1/4 or 1/2 inch sections and lift straight up keeping sections neat and clean.  Simply "push" hair downward toward the scalp (or base area) to create cushion to the hair.  No harsh back combing is necessary.  Your grandmother may have called this "ratting."  Here's our step-by step guide to get you to this point.

Gloss & Toss Root Lift dispenses QUICKLY so keep your hands moving.  When you apply work quickly in fast applications either front to back, or side to side, or in designated areas but stand-back - the finished results are just as dynamic as the dispensing results.

Shampoo & Condition with Gloss & Toss Daily Nourish Duo -
shampoo & conditioner set available online at This value set is only $35 and quite a savings as a duo.

Apply Gloss & Toss Prep to help detangle, add condition and shine, and to protect against thermal styling.   Coupled with the Shine product for that perfect blow-out and you're on your way.s

Mist Gloss & Toss Root Lift to scalp area in desired "LIFT" or "VOLUME" sections and blow-dry smooth.  See our other videos on how to get the perfect blow-out.

We love using these products here behind the scenes of Hollywood and hope you do as well.

Check out our tips on how to detangle your hair

Always yours in beauty,

Billy Lowe
Celebrity Hair Stylist & Founder of Gloss & Toss Hair Products

Monday, March 20, 2017

Gloss & Toss Detangle Brush | Gentle Detangling Hair & Daily Styling

Gloss & Toss Detangle Brush: For detangling hair, daily brushing and general styling.   This amazing hair styling brush has so many wonderful features and I write firsthand to share the many benefits of this brush which are much more than just detangling hair.  I personally use this brush for daily brushing and styling, in-salon moisture treatments at the shampoo area, teasing and styling and so much more.   Check it out.........

  • 170 ultra-flexible bristles
  • Comfort round tips on bristle ends
  • Breathable cushion base
  • Comfort-grip handle
  • Stand-up design
  • Lightweight
and so much  more.  Detangling your hair has never been easier and much more comfortable than with the Detangle Brush from Gloss & Toss.  Many brushes break down over time and are heavy and uncomfortable when detangling hair or brushing.  This lightweight detangler was developed with you in mind and is not only an effective hair tool, it's quite pretty to look at we must say, and a must have for every beauty ritual.

Want some top detangle tips?  It goes without saying to start at the ends of  your hair first.  If you start at the scalp and try to brush through the matted or tangled pieces, you're just tightening the "knots" if you will and putting more pressure on the hair.  Try separating hair with fingers first into as many divided sections as you can without pulling or tugging hair apart.  Then brushing should be much easier as you work in smaller sections.  

Many salon professionals use this brush for in-salon moisture treatments as well as detangling and styling hair and clients love the easy-to-use features which makes gorgeous hair easier than ever.  

I personally suggest using our Prep spray which is a lightweight leave in conditioner for hair as well as our signature hair serum Shine whether you blow-dry your hair or leave it for a wash-and-wear sort of look.  

Available online at as well as our Amazon store by visiting

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Peeps Products for Easter

I love my sis.  She sent me this super cool PEEPS care package for easter.  The T-shirt is super comfortable and she even send my dog (Panda) a little PEEPS chew toy.   Awe.  A good friend of mind has always been a PEEPS fan and he would make art-work out of them.  There's just something so fun, yummy, and chewy about those little yellow marshmallows every year.  I've always loved them.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Natural oil treatments | Hair and Scalp Healing Oil from Gloss & Toss for healthy shiny hair

Available at:



Happy St Patrick's day from Gloss & Toss friends and family.  This time of year, hair can be really affected due to harsh weather conditions, central heat causing dehydration, lack of care, and so many other factors.  Hair needs protection and care year round.

This all natural oil formula from Gloss & Toss is enriched with essentials to strengthen elasticity to hair, add moisture and shine, invigorate the scalp and senses and so much more.  This hair and scalp oil provides best results as a deep conditioning treatment, hot oil treatment for hair to nourish and support healthy hair and scalp.

Salon professionals love this formula for use in the salon for the best hair and scalp moisture treatments, natural oil treatment for hair, giving a stimulating scalp massage, and more.

To use apply a palm full and massage into scalp, pulling treatment through to the ends.  For a deeper moisture treatment, wrap hair in warm/wet towel and allow to stay for 5-10 minutes.  Warmth of towel will help condition further and enhance saturation of product.  Rinse well and shampoo/condition as normal.

This and other Gloss & Toss products are available at our Gloss & Toss website listed above as well as our Amazon store. Check out our new hair products as well.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Best hair products | What are they and how to find them

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The best hair products and how to find them? Now that's the question of the year.  I don't know about you but when I walk down an aisle of hair products that looks like the photo in this blog, my mind goes racing with tons of questions, and feelings of overwhelm, and confusion.  The colors, the messaging, the competing shelf space and the money each brand pays for that competing shelf space.  To the highest bidder goes the middle shelf within arm's reach.

The best hair products, I might say, are not always within arm's reach but they are often available online or by digging a little deeper to find the products you want and are looking for. whether through a local homemade brand, a boutique brand that caters to your  hair care needs, or one that provides great education about it's hair products and services.

Many people suffer from allergies and allergy sensitivities and buying a product from a major market or retailer means you may not get the product information or best hair product guidelines to style your hair, or treat your hair and scalp.

When you're feeling overwhelmed and nothing seems to be easy to understand in your hair care products, visit Gloss & Toss online or feel free to shoot us an email on the CONTACT page on the site.  We hope to explain things to you to help you understand your own hair care needs and how this product line may best help you with your daily hair styling including working with a great detangle brush, hair and scalp treatments, dry shampoo, flexible hairspray, and some of the best hair products on the market used by leading Hollywood hair gurus to style hair on sets.

Check it all out outline - and skip the trip at the supermarket.  Shop Gloss & Toss instead.

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Purple Shampoo to tone brassiness | Shampoo for brassy hair

Gloss & Toss hair tips for toning hair and achieving the best hair color results.

What's the best shampoo and conditioner for toning brassy hair?  Purple shampoo - Yes.  

Violet based shampoos and conditioners are great for many color treatments, toning, and color smudges.  We know on the color wheel that violets and blues are opposite the warmer tones.  This means they help neutralize or minimize those warmer outcomes.  In hair services this is helpful to know because many times, highlights for example, can produce some warmth in the final result and toners, glazes, or shampoos with a color element to them are used to help "tone" the undesired effect.

Over time, blonde hair especially can attract dirt and congestion from the air causing brightened color to look dull.  This is where a violet base shampoo is super helpful.    I do, however, suggest a few things before just "slathering it on."

I suggest shampooing your hair with a daily shampoo specific to your hair type prior to using a violet or purple shampoo (or any other color).  Hair should be shampooed and cleansed from dirt, congestion or any build-up that may provide a barrier and ultimately prevent a purple (or other color) shampoo from doing it's job.

After you shampoo your hair, use your color shampoo (I use a golf ball amount but ask your salon professional).  Lather well and allow a minute or so for color to saturate/coat the hair and help minimize any undesired color results.     Follow up with a conditioner of the same color scheme for optimal results.

To finish and treat hair, apply Gloss & Toss Prep - Leave-in Conditioner for hair as well as Shine - our signature hair serum to help speed up blow-dry time, fight frizz, protect against environmental damage and so much more.

Stay tuned for more great tips coming from our creative team at

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Celebrity Swag | Detangle Brush for Hair - Oscars 2017 Hollywood

Celebrities honored at this year's Oscars received
amazing "swag" from Hollywood Swag Bags.
The Gloss & Toss Detangle Brush for hair was included in this year's celebrity swag with Hollywood Swag Bag in several gifting events.

Hollywood Swag and celebrity gifts during awards season.  Gloss & Toss Detangle Brush for Hair hit the red carpet this year in a big way.  Hollywood swag and red carpet season is exciting for everyone, not just those of us that live or work in Hollywood. Every year celebrities look forward to swag bags and offers from major brands around the world and the value of these bags have reached unbelievable values. What's more, viewing audiences around the world want to know just what's in those famous celebrity swag bags.

We're absolutely proud of the opportunities for the brand, and clients truly love this detangle brush (and other items obviously).  What makes this detangler brush so special? Here's a few key features:

  • 170 ultra flexible bristles
  • Lightweight design
  • Comfort grip handle
  • Contoured feel 
  • Breathable cushion to allow flexibility
  • Comfort round tips at the ends of the bristles

and so much more.

Visit for our amazing Detangle Brush which is truly a must-have for every beauty ritual.  Oh, did we mention our stand-up design?  Yes - that's right.  The brush features a unique stand-up design to allow brush to air-dry after use.

Enjoy and thanks for following our blog here.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Detangle Brush For Hair - Best brushes for detangling hair from Gloss & Toss

Gloss & Toss Detangle Brush works best for detangling hair when used consistently as part of your beauty ritual.


Hair tips on how to detangle hair will come soon enough but clients everywhere love the Gloss & Toss Detangle Brush and styling tool because of its durable design, light-weight features, and stand-up ability after use.  The unique design of the Detangle Brush from Gloss & Toss has many more features than other brushes on the market and we're excited about the red carpet hair results and "nods" being given this year as a leading  Hollywood hair styling tool.

Featured on The Hallmark Home & Family Show!

NOW YOU CAN SAVE 20% UNTIL MARCH 20, 2016 on the much talked about Detangle Brush from Gloss & Toss from  Simply visit:

Grab the code and visit to place your order.    Discount code is valid only for the Detangle Brush.  Discount code is entered at the end of your purchase when filling out shipping info.   

Day-to-day basics are a crucial part of any beauty routine and daily brushing and care will keep your hair looking great, minimize tangles and damage, and be easier to work with all the way around.  This daily brushing and care helps stimulate (and exfoliate) scalp area, stimulate circulation, bring natural oils down to the ends, and so much more.

We're proud to partner with for this exciting savings.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Bridal Hair Styling California

Billy Lowe judges BEST OF THE BAY with Stephanie Jones Bridal Hair Stylist showcasing her artistic creation

Bridal Hair Styling is truly an art.  When it comes to BRIDAL HAIR, I can't think of a better artist than Stephanie Jones.  Stephanie specializes in bridal hair and bridal hair styling in the central coast.  So how did we meet?  Check it out. 

I was invited to judge a BEST OF THE BAY (San Francisco) - Bridal Hair Showcase in San Francisco along with another hair colleague a few years ago and a certain talent stood out among the rest.  Her name - Stephanie Jones.  Flawless makeup, black nails, blood-red dress and hair lifted to the max.  She didn't miss a beat explaining her vision for gorgeous bridal hair and the endless creations she's brought to life in her artistry and passion for beautiful bridal hair.   Each section of the model's hair was perfectly placed, formed, and structured.  Stephanie moved around the model and showcase description as light as a feather yet her passion was firm and unwavering.  Even I was a bit intimidated, I must say!

The result?  A TRUE WINNER.   However, one minor technicality kept her from winning the overall contest but to me I knew she was the BEST bridal hair stylist I had ever met.  She was THE most buttoned up contestant, THE most prepared expert, and THE most reliable hair stylist I could possibly hope for to lead the next generation in hair stylists and leading beauty experts. NEED I SAY MORE?

Through the years Stephanie (Steph) and I have become dear friends and I live vicariously through her world of beauty, vision and love of the islands (Hawaii).   While we enter another wedding season it's a time of reflection, artistic consideration, and gratitude for all of the beauty experts - EVERYWHERE - who make the world beautiful.

To my good friend Steph Jones - your work, to me, is that to be adored.  Keep going.   You shine among all stars.

To book bridal hair in Central California with Stephanie Jones - please visit our contact page or see Billy Lowe information below for a referral.

To book bridal hair in Los Angeles with Billy Lowe, please visit

Yours in beauty,

Billy Lowe

Friday, February 10, 2017

Hair Oil and Moisture Treatment for Hair | Best uses

Hot Oil treatment, professional oil for hair, 100% natural
Hair and scalp oil is an essential part of many beauty rituals. Hair treatment and conditioning treatment for hair and scalp are add-on services provided by many hair salon and day spas.  

From salon moisture treatments for hair to at home hot oil treatments for hair, clients around the world use a wide variety of oils for their hair and scalp.  But why should you?  Let's investigate.

1.  RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC.   You know what it's like.  You're sitting and sitting, and there just aren't enough radio stations to tune into.  That's what the ends of your hair feel like when they feel dry, uncared for, or the victim of excessive thermal styling, perhaps.  The natural oils from your scalp most do not travel to the ends of your hair so while the scalp area stays nice and nourished with those natural oils, the ends of your hair become more and more distressed, damaged, and unhealthy looking.  Using a hair and scalp oil puts you in the fast lane for healthy, shiny, radiant looking hair.

2.  SMOOTH, SHINY RESULTS.  Using a hair and scalp oil helps tame the cuticle layer allowing it to lie more flat.  A smooth flat surface will reflect more light and appear more radiant and shiny.  It will also "travel" and flow more freely with its smooth, polished appearance.

3.  THERMAL PROTECTION.  Hair and scalp treatment oils can help protect hair against thermal styling by providing a moisture barrier to the strands.  This prevents further breakage, distressed looking hair, split ends, and more.

4.  ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION.    Smog, pollutants, blustery winters, scorching summers, weekends at the beach all play a part on creating stressors on the hair.  Many hair and scalp treatments are packed with vitamins and essentials that are healthy for the hair, as well as anti-oxidants and fatty acids to strengthen hair and keep it looking radiant and healthy.  Ward off those damaging effects by strengthening your beauty routine with a great oil treatment for hair.

5.  MORE EVEN RESULTS.  As we discussed earlier, when we shampoo or style our hair, the ends often become more and more damaged or distressed simply because nothing is there to protect them.  By applying treatment oils to hair and scalp, we even out our results SCALP TO ENDS rather than keeping essential nutrients in one place and not evenly dispersed.

It is possible to have hair that looks and feels healthy from the scalp to the ends but it's the right combination of routine professional care, at-home care, products and tools that are recommended for your hair type, and of course, NOT WAITING IN RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC FOR TOO LONG before doing something about your beauty journey.  Put it in the fast lane and get gorgeous tresses as a result.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Celebrities get Red Carpet Ready with a little help from Gloss & Toss Hair Care

Gloss & Toss DETANGLE BRUSH featured in

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"The BEST brush for detangling hair and daily styling."

Hollywood Awards Season is here and it's always such an exciting time.  Red carpet hair, the best celebrity hair stylists and makeup artists, beauty gifting events, and many airport pick-ups all set the stage for awards season here in Hollywood.  Behind the scenes the sets and stages look more like a shipping and handling facility out of a major airport than anything else.  The set-up and break-down is anything but glamorous.  So  just what does it take to be "red carpet ready" and what exactly does that mean? It all starts with hair and makeup and keeping actors looking great from the moment they step out.

Many clients go into a salon and point out a photo of their favorite ad or actor and say "I want this look."  But what they may not realize is that "the look" began at 4 or 5AM with hair and makeup arriving half an hour before that to get set up.  The actor sits with hair and makeup for an hour or two while studying lines or discussing things with a Director or Producer.  From there it's a number of run through shots (AKA "blocking"), last looks for hair, makeup and wardrobe, and then the shoot begins. That's the VERY basic breakdown of what the prep looks like.  Believe me there are many more moving parts.

During awards seasons the city is busy with events, coordinating talent schedules, ensuring transportation is ready and available and praying not to chip a nail.  It's a time when actors, producers, writers, and many other individuals come together to celebrate the workings of their production(s).  And of course - there's the fabulous SWAG BAGS.

We're very fortunate at Gloss & Toss to have worked with HOLLYWOOD SWAG BAGS for two years now in celebrating the successes of awards nominees and gifting them some fabulous Gloss & Toss hair products.  This year it's our brand new detangle brush.

This amazing detangle brush features:

  • 170 ultra-flexible bristles, 
  • a comfort-grip handle, 
  • breathable cushion base, 
  • comfort round tips at the end of bristles to gently massage scalp and to help prevent excess pulling or tugging when brushing hair
  • Lightweight design
  • Stand-up design
and so much more.  Not only is it a great detangling brush, it is perfect for wet or dry hair, and a variety of other styling options.  It's really great for teasing and adding a little "cushion" to your style to give more fullness and support.

As always the best tip for brushing and detangling hair is to start from the bottom and work your way up when you do - but before beginning with any styling tools we suggest separating hair with fingers first for easier brushing, separating, and less pulling.

The "red carpet" is really just an idea.  It's actually wherever you are, whatever gives you that "I feel good about me" moment, and we encourage you to celebrate that feeling each and every day.

Thank you for tuning into my blog here at and we'll be speaking to you soon.

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