Sunday, February 26, 2017

Detangle Brush For Hair | Best brushes for detangling hair from Gloss & Toss

Gloss & Toss Detangle Brush works best for detangling hair when used consistently as part of a beauty ritual.  Clients everywhere love this detangle brush and styling tool because of its durable design, light-weight features, and stand-up ability after use.

Featured on The Hallmark Home & Family Show!

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Day-to-day basics are a crucial part of any beauty routine and daily brushing and care will keep your hair looking great, minimize tangles and damage, and be easier to work with all the way around.  This daily brushing and care helps stimulate (and exfoliate) scalp area, stimulate circulation, bring natural oils down to the ends, and so much more.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Bridal Hair Styling California

Billy Lowe judges BEST OF THE BAY with Stephanie Jones Bridal Hair Stylist showcasing her artistic creation

Bridal Hair Styling is truly an art.  When it comes to BRIDAL HAIR, I can't think of a better artist than Stephanie Jones.  Stephanie specializes in bridal hair and bridal hair styling in the central coast.  So how did we meet?  Check it out. 

I was invited to judge a BEST OF THE BAY (San Francisco) - Bridal Hair Showcase in San Francisco along with another hair colleague a few years ago and a certain talent stood out among the rest.  Her name - Stephanie Jones.  Flawless makeup, black nails, blood-red dress and hair lifted to the max.  She didn't miss a beat explaining her vision for gorgeous bridal hair and the endless creations she's brought to life in her artistry and passion for beautiful bridal hair.   Each section of the model's hair was perfectly placed, formed, and structured.  Stephanie moved around the model and showcase description as light as a feather yet her passion was firm and unwavering.  Even I was a bit intimidated, I must say!

The result?  A TRUE WINNER.   However, one minor technicality kept her from winning the overall contest but to me I knew she was the BEST bridal hair stylist I had ever met.  She was THE most buttoned up contestant, THE most prepared expert, and THE most reliable hair stylist I could possibly hope for to lead the next generation in hair stylists and leading beauty experts. NEED I SAY MORE?

Through the years Stephanie (Steph) and I have become dear friends and I live vicariously through her world of beauty, vision and love of the islands (Hawaii).   While we enter another wedding season it's a time of reflection, artistic consideration, and gratitude for all of the beauty experts - EVERYWHERE - who make the world beautiful.

To my good friend Steph Jones - your work, to me, is that to be adored.  Keep going.   You shine among all stars.

To book bridal hair in Central California with Stephanie Jones - please visit

To book bridal hair in Los Angeles with Billy Lowe, please visit

Yours in beauty,

Billy Lowe

Friday, February 10, 2017

5 reasons to use hair and scalp oil

Hot Oil treatment, professional oil for hair, 100% natural
Hair and scalp oil is an essential part of many beauty rituals.

From salon moisture treatments for hair to at home hot oil treatments for hair, clients around the world use a wide variety of oils for their hair and scalp.  But why should you?  Let's investigate.

1.  RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC.   You know what it's like.  You're sitting and sitting, and there just aren't enough radio stations to tune into.  That's what the ends of your hair feel like when they feel dry, uncared for, or the victim of excessive thermal styling, perhaps.  The natural oils from your scalp most do not travel to the ends of your hair so while the scalp area stays nice and nourished with those natural oils, the ends of your hair become more and more distressed, damaged, and unhealthy looking.  Using a hair and scalp oil puts you in the fast lane for healthy, shiny, radiant looking hair.

2.  SMOOTH, SHINY RESULTS.  Using a hair and scalp oil helps tame the cuticle layer allowing it to lie more flat.  A smooth flat surface will reflect more light and appear more radiant and shiny.  It will also "travel" and flow more freely with its smooth, polished appearance.

3.  THERMAL PROTECTION.  Hair and scalp treatment oils can help protect hair against thermal styling by providing a moisture barrier to the strands.  This prevents further breakage, distressed looking hair, split ends, and more.

4.  ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION.    Smog, pollutants, blustery winters, scorching summers, weekends at the beach all play a part on creating stressors on the hair.  Many hair and scalp treatments are packed with vitamins and essentials that are healthy for the hair, as well as anti-oxidants and fatty acids to strengthen hair and keep it looking radiant and healthy.  Ward off those damaging effects by strengthening your beauty routine with a great oil treatment for hair.

5.  MORE EVEN RESULTS.  As we discussed earlier, when we shampoo or style our hair, the ends often become more and more damaged or distressed simply because nothing is there to protect them.  By applying treatment oils to hair and scalp, we even out our results SCALP TO ENDS rather than keeping essential nutrients in one place and not evenly dispersed.

It is possible to have hair that looks and feels healthy from the scalp to the ends but it's the right combination of routine professional care, at-home care, products and tools that are recommended for your hair type, and of course, NOT WAITING IN RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC FOR TOO LONG before doing something about your beauty journey.  Put it in the fast lane and get gorgeous tresses as a result.

Products we recommend related to this article: 

1.  Gloss & Toss Hair & Scalp Healing Oil
2.  Gloss & Toss Prep - Leave-in conditioner and detangler spray
3.  Gloss & Toss Detangle Brush - 170 ultra-flexible bristles and light-weight design for best results.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Celebrities get Red Carpet Ready with a little help from Gloss & Toss Hair Care

Hollywood Awards Season is here and it's always such an exciting time.  Behind the scenes on many a set looks like a shipping and handling facility out of a major airport.  The set-up and break-down is anything but glamorous.  So  just what does it take to be "red carpet ready" and what exactly does that mean?

Many clients go into a salon and point out a photo of their favorite ad or actor and say "I want this look."  But what they may not realize is that "the look" began at 4 or 5AM with hair and makeup arriving half an hour before that to get set up.  The actor sits with hair and makeup for an hour or two while studying lines or discussing things with a Director or Producer.  From there it's a number of run through shots (AKA "blocking"), last looks for hair, makeup and wardrobe, and then the shoot begins. That's the VERY basic breakdown of what the prep looks like.  Believe me there are many more moving parts.

During awards seasons the city is busy with events, coordinating talent schedules, ensuring transportation is ready and available and praying not to chip a nail.  It's a time when actors, producers, writers, and many other individuals come together to celebrate the workings of their production(s).  And of course - there's the fabulous SWAG BAGS.

We're very fortunate at Gloss & Toss to have worked with HOLLYWOOD SWAG BAGS for two years now in celebrating the successes of awards nominees and gifting them some fabulous Gloss & Toss hair products.  This year it's our brand new detangle brush.  This amazing detangle brush features 170 ultra-flexible bristles, a comfort-grip handle, cushion base, ball tips on the bristles to gently massage scalp and to help prevent excess pulling or tugging when brushing hair.  Not only is it a great detangling brush, it is perfect for wet or dry hair, and a myriad of other styling options.  It's really great for teasing and adding a little "cushion" to your style to give more fullness and support.

As always the best tip for brushing and detangling hair is to start from the bottom and work your way up when you do - but before beginning with any styling tools we suggest separating hair with fingers first for easier brushing, separating, and less pulling.

The "red carpet" is really just an idea.  It's actually wherever you are, whatever gives you that "I feel good about me" moment, and we encourage you to celebrate that feeling each and every day.

Thank you for tuning into my blog here at and we'll be speaking to you soon.

To order Gloss & Toss products please visit us on the web at

Sunday, January 22, 2017

How to Detangle Hair

Detangling hair is a challenge many clients face.  If you have long hair or thick/coarse hair types, tangled tresses can be a daily chore.  But through the years I've found some great ways that work for me when styling hair and ways that make brushing your hair a more comfortable process.

1.  Separate hair with fingers first.  Whether your hair is wet or dry, separate hair with fingers working around all sections and separate as much as you can with your fingers.  Avoid pulling and tugging.  Dividing hair and separating in this manner puts less stress on the hair in the various sections from root to ends.

2.  If your hair is dry - work through detangling as much as you can in this stage first.  Avoid getting hair wet when it's already tangled and don't spray "slip and slide" products into hair until you've worked through this dry stage as much as possible.  When hair is wet use detangling mists or conditioners.  Once you've worked through detangling process, lightly shampoo or rinse if needed (in a standing-up position).

3.  Stand up - When you shampoo, condition, or brush hair, do so in a standing manner.  This prevents hair from gathering at the scalp area and prevents additional stress on hair.   When shampooing, start at the scalp area and lather well using fingertips.  Avoid gathering hair to the scalp area as well as round and round shampooing motions through the ends of hair as this can lead to more tangling.  The cleansing effects that begin at the scalp can gently be massaged through the mid shaft and ends as you work.

4.  We've all heard - start at the ends first.  Whether wet or dry, it's always best to begin your brushing or detangling process at then ends first (start with step 1 - finger sectioning) and work your way up to the scalp area.  This prevents further detangling and stressing hair. When hair is wet remember to use or apply leave-in conditioners or detangling mists to help create more slip when brushing or detangling.  Many salon clients also suggest detangling hair

5. The basics - Use salon recommended products and be sure you see your salon professional for routine hair care appointments.  Damaged and brittle hair or ends can cause further stress and lead to more tangling. Avoid cutting your own hair  and consult your salon professional as she or he may have suggested tips for your hair type as well.

And finally during the above 5 tips - if you are using detangling sprays or conditioning products - these are to be used on WET HAIR because they help create more slip on wet hair.  Spraying products on dry hair can cause greater tension.  And certainly it's always a great and final suggestion on longer hair types to braid or gather hair before sleeping.

For suggested Gloss & Toss products (as well as our revolutionary new detangle brush) that support healthy hair and ease of brushing and detangling, please visit us online at

Yours in beauty,

Billy Lowe
Hollywood Hair Stylist
Founder of Gloss & Toss Hair Care

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Best Beauty Tips for Winter - Healthy Hair and Skin during winter months

Healthy hair and skin is on everyone's mind during harsh winter weather as well as all year round.   Though I've been in the hair industry for many years, one of my biggest passions has been skincare through the years and corporately I used to manage several global beauty brands in sales and marketing.  I would argue to say it's where I gained a lot of insight into the retail world, cosmetics manufacturing and branding.  I've always loved it.

Believe it or not, I was one of those kids who struggled with acne for many years.  I tried everything and bought into everything as a teen from harsh facial scrubs to mint masks, alcohol on cotton balls and harsh astringents all with no success.  What I didn't realize was that I was probably overdoing it many years ago and not focusing on the basics of good skincare which is truly routine daily maintenance.

Today, I had the good fortune of sitting down to lunch with Ms. Sara Fulton (after a cut and style by yours truly), the founder of Vivant Skin Care along with her husband Dr. James Fulton.  Her passion for radiant skin truly shines through (and yes we drank water with our meal today).  Little did I know, Vivant Skin Care focuses on beautiful skin on many levels including acne prone skin.  Skin care solutions for acne are important I can personally attest.  Vivant Skin Care has spent a lifetime helping people from all walks of life live comfortably in their own skin and has helped many begin on a very basic level to teach them the importance of a daily skincare routine to last them a lifetime.

So just what are some basic skin care tips that I captured today from Sara especially during the winter months?

1.  We laughed together when I told her how much I love a hot shower.  She encouraged me to be careful of that because hot showers can really dehydrate the skin and cause discomfort as well.  She emphasized the importance of facial and body care (yes head-to-toe) especially during harsh weather conditions.

2.  Drink plenty of fluids.  Sara believes in drinking plenty of water year-round to keep skin (and body) healthy and radiant.

3.  Be careful of inside temperatures.  Keeping inside heat set too high can dehydrate the skin.  Consider using humidifiers or perhaps leaving a window cracked here or there to allow some moisture.  Another good tip we've learned is to keep a pot of water near a heating source (or perhaps on the stove) to keep some levels of moisture evaporating into the air.

4.  For our youth - consult a physician (and certainly visit Vivant Skin Care online) and begin your skincare ritual as soon as possible.

There you'll find more information about where to buy, local carriers, and so much more for healthy, radiant skin this season and beyond. It was truly a "highlight" of my day and my career to get to meet someone like Sara Fulton especially as I had heard of Vivant Skin Care through the years.  Looks like I'll be adding some new pieces to my own daily ritual and I'm excited to add these from Vivant Skin Care.

For more information on Vivant Skin Care visit online at

Yours in beauty,

Billy Lowe
Celebrity Hair Stylist
National Beauty Expert

Founder of Gloss & Toss

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

My cranberry sauce

Homemade cranberry sauce is good for your hair.  

Well, I don't know about that but it IS easier than it sounds.  I know we all have our favorite can of cranberry sauce and how easy that is to open, but I started experimenting a few years ago making my own cranberry sauce after finding a recipe somewhere (don't ask me where) so I decided to give it a go. The effort - almost none.  The ingredients - just 4 or 5.  The time to prepare - about as much time as it takes you to find a can opener, find a dish, hope that slippery canned jelly thing doesn't go sliding across the floor like a wet fish trying to find its way home, and eventually put it on the plate and gracefully put it on the table.  Oh yeah - you still have to cut it and make it look like the ribs of the can aren't imbedded into its chill-filled design.

So what's up with all of this?  Let's just say I decorate my own a bit differently each and every year so there's no telling what it might look like next year but for this year this was about it.   Here's what you'll need (and a few other ingredients I add in along the way).

Finished cranberry sauce - YUM YUM.   Add garnish to suit. 
  1. A bag of cranberries
  2. Orange juice (about 1/2 or 2/3 cup)
  3. Sugar (most people call for 2/3 cup - I say more is better so I use a whole cup)
  4. Chopped pecans or walnuts
  5. Persimons (this year's add on for me)
  6. Diced apples (half an apple is just fine)
  7. Lemon or Orange zest (or rinds) 
  8. A dash of pepper  (I like it zesty)

Put all ingredients in a larger sized pot together - yes all at once.  Number one - it's gorgeous to look at.   Secondly - it's all going to boil together in the end anyway so just throw it together and take on something else while watching and stirring.

Cover with a lid, let ingredients come to a boil and stir often to keep everything moving.  I sometimes add a tablespoon of olive oil to help as well.  The cranberries eventually burst to perfection (which is what you want) and the sugar and orange juice help contribute to the "gel" effect (I knew there was a connection to hair care somewhere) and within minutes you have the perfect homemade cranberry sauce that people will enjoy.   I've even converted cranberry sauce haters into total lovers with my recipe(s).

The end result - gorgeous.

Some random blog post by me - Billy Lowe.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Hallmark Home and Family Christmas Segment - Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas on the Hallmark Home and Family Show is always super exciting.  There are so many holiday gift ideas, promotional items, amazing recipes and so much more.  This year I got to meet the amazing Kandi Burruss of Real Housewives of Atlanta who was promoting her new family restaurant in Atlanta called OLD LADY GANG (or OLG as they call it).

The day was super exciting as Kandi and her family shared her famous chicken recipe (Kandi's Kickin' Chicken)  as well as a side of greens.  I personally can't wait to get back to Atlanta and have dinner at the restaurant with the family there and introduce some of my "hometown" friends to some good southern cooking.

Later there was an awesome recipe for a spicy moscow mule, and of course some wintertime hair tips from my brand Gloss & Toss.

So what are you waiting for?   Tune in every day to the Hallmark Home & Family Show at 10AM (check local listings).  There's something for everyone there and the guests are always amazing and share such awesome experiences and real-life recipes, how to's, home remedies and so much more.

Until next time - always yours in beauty,

Billy Lowe

Friday, December 16, 2016

Winterize Your Hair - How to Have Healthier Hair and Scalp

This season, salons are all a buzz on helping clients have healthier looking hair and scalp.    From deep conditioning treatments to routine hair cuts, shine enhancers to take home products, clients everywhere want to look and feel their best during the holiday season and certainly during harsh winter weather.    But Old Man Winter seems to keep doing his thing with rain, cold temperatures, and frosty windshields that just don't seem to let up.

Hair and Skin are both more sensitive and can feel a lot more delicate during these colder climates and keeping those tresses taken care of is key if you want them to look good for spring break and summertime fun in the sun.  

Tune into the HALLMARK HOME AND FAMILY SHOW TUESDAY DECEMBER 20, 2016 where I'll share some quick and easy remedies and treatments you can get with Gloss & Toss products as well as some great "at-home" beauty tips.   We'll see you then.

Friday, December 09, 2016

Hair and Scalp Treatment - Hair and Scalp Healing Oil - Best Beauty Stocking Stuffers

Best Beauty Stocking Stuffers for 2016. I'm thrilled that Gloss & Toss Hair & Scalp Healing Oil was named among 5 hot products to capture this year for great stocking stuffers for those on your list (or perhaps yourself!).

Hair and Scalp Treatments are a must during cooler seasons, or more harsh weather conditions to keep hair looking its best.  For silky smooth results, hair stylists everywhere recommend professional services in salon to hydrate, nourish and condition hair, to protect the integrity of color treated hair, and as an excellent add-on for routine maintenance. Hair oils can be used either at room temperature or as hot oil treatments to condition hair and keep it looking healthy.

I'm thrilled this year that Gloss & Toss launched its own hair and scalp treatment called HAIR & SCALP HEALING OIL.  This all natural product is great for all hair types that need extra moisture remedies and conditioning.   Consisting of sweet almond oil, soybean oil, and peppermint oil, clients can use this hair and scalp treatment in the following manner for optimal results:

Pour a palm full of the Hair & Scalp Healing Oil and massage into dry hair and scalp paying close attention to more brittle areas of the hair.  Leave on for 3-5 minutes and shampoo/condition as needed.

For a deeper moisture mask, apply 5-10 drops to a daily conditioner or deep conditioning product and leave on for 5-10 minutes.  Many salon professionals suggesting wrapping treatment on hair in a warm, wet towel during the setting phase.  

After time is up for the treatment (in any method used), rinse well, shampoo thoroughly, and condition as needed.  Style in normal manner or allow hair to air dry naturally so as to reduce thermal styling at this time.

Gloss & Toss Hair & Scalp Healing Oil voted a

Customers love the HAIR & SCALP HEALING OIL from Gloss & Toss® and we hope you do as well.    This product is available online for $24.95 by visiting WWW.GLOSSANDTOSS.NET

Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday is such an exciting day.  Loved by some, dreaded by most.  This year it seems that more and more people are doing a wealth of shopping online.  From electronics and other gadgets to beauty and household items, more and more people are taking to the internet for their daily shopping.  Black Friday is certainly no exception.

THIS YEAR - I'm really excited to announce that Gloss & Toss haircare is participating in Black Friday and Cyber Monday Savings.


Here's how to order:

  1. Visit GLOSSANDTOSS.NET and select your favorite 2 items and place in your shopping cart. These can be the same two items or "mix-and-match."  
  2. Complete your order by following through to the CHECK OUT page
  3. VISIT THE CONTACT US PAGE on our site (GLOSSANDTOSS.NET) and email us your name and order number, as well as the one (1) free item of your choice - of equal or lesser value.  
We love the savings this time of year and Gloss & Toss is excited to participate with thousands of other brands worldwide offering a great savings on amazing holiday gift guide items.  

Yours in beauty, 


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Agents of Shield - Gloss & Toss has Super Powers

I think many of us can agree that AGENTS OF SHIELD is not only exciting, it has the most amazing cast members. Many times a year I'm called upon by the amazing family at Disney and Freeform (formerly ABC Family) for hair & makeup for press junkets and media tours and working with the cast of AGENTS OF SHIELD was such an exciting day.

Many times press junkets or media interviews consist of a host or moderator asking questions and directing the interviews, and sometimes they include taking caller questions or twitter feeds while the interview is live.

The day began for us at about 5am when hair and makeup showed up from the Billy Lowe team and I must say it was a chilly morning in Los Angeles but they had coffee on right away which always cheers this Georgia boy up.  Little by little "cast and crew" show up, get set up in dressing rooms or hair and makeup stations, catering delivers light bites throughout the day to all, and I must say it's a true "highlight" for me to get to do what I do.

Mr. Brett Dalton is truly a class act.  He wore his hat that day (which I love because I wear the same kinds).  Chloe - you just can't top her energy and charisma even during long (sometimes boring) sessions.

At the end of the day I gave Chloe a Gloss & Toss hair serum and asked for a photo and they both said heck yes - and Chloe said "We have to get Gloss & Toss in there."    So they took this amazing shot with me.   Yes, Gloss & Toss has superpowers - and I was so delighted (can't you tell) to get to spend the day with these two.  


Yours in beauty,

Billy Lowe


Monday, November 07, 2016

Fluorescent Hair - Glow in the dark hair - with Celebrity Hair Stylist Billy Lowe Beverly Hills

Fluorescent Hair is not as easy as it looks but lots of people are talking about it for holiday parties and gatherings.   Occasionally the Hallmark Home and Family Show invites me for a fun and exciting segment and this one was a little challenging but we got through it.

In a traditional set-up, I'd highlight certain areas then tone those specific areas with a glow-in-the-dark toner then rinse out.  This one I did on dry hair for time sake then removed with spray and a soft cloth.  Not  ideal - but we weren't equipped with a full salon set up.   However we got through it and the results were super fun.

To protect this look, be sure to use GLOSS & TOSS PREP to help hydrate and nourish the color application as well as GLOSS & TOSS SHINE to smooth and protect hair from thermal styling.   Both of these are available at in our SMOOTHING DUO SET for smoothing your hair.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Inspirations and Celebrations dishes wintertime hair

As the seasons change, so does our wardrobe, our skincare needs, our housing temperature, and of course the needs of our hair care products from day to day.  Fortunately there are amazing beauty experts out there that keep us informed of what's new and what's next.  

Please check out how to take care of your hair in winter by the amazing blog writer Christina-Lauren Pollack.    Inspirations and Celebrations is a great site featuring lots of beauty and lifestyle articles and we're excited that Gloss & Toss was part of this segment on how to care for your hair during the winter.

Check out her article here on how to "winterize" your hair.

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Benefits of Dry Shampoo

Benefits of Dry Shampoo.   Well, there are many, but when I developed the Gloss & Toss® DRY SHAMPOO I had a few things in mind.  First and foremost - I didn't want white residue when applying.  Secondly I didn't want a heavy/tacky feeling product.  I wanted something like enough to use a time or two and to get clients through some "hair downtime" or in between styles.  With that - the DRY SHAMPOO from Gloss & Toss® was born.

In addition to the 5 listed in the image on this post, here are just a few more benefits of the Gloss & Toss® DRY SHAMPOO.  

1.  No Animal Testing
2.  Use our dry shampoo to help create many other styles
3.  Light-weight feel that doesn't build-up
4.  Easy to travel 3 oz size
5.  Cover cap keeps product protected and from accidental dispensing in your bag
6.  Refresh hair styles after a gym workout or morning routine
7.  Using our dry shampoo means you can go a day or two longer without having to shampoo meaning your professional color will last longer

Order yours today by visiting

We look forward to having you as a Gloss & Toss® customer.